Another day of life

Whatta day!!!! It is just the wee hours of the morning. Infact I haven’t even properly started the day and it is already seeming a downer. Every now and then i have these days of disillusionment. Where one after another i come across more people giving up…… the pessimist in me agrees…… it is for the better,…… but the optimist in me wants to change things.
A 14 yr old is disillusioned in the puppy love. She croons sad songs and puts up stuff which say that everyone has loved someone they cant have. Isn’t 14 too young to decide that???
A friend wishes to throw in the towel and move on her own. She has worked so hard in her life for everything….. now at this juncture giving up everything……. wont it be a wastage of efforts put in.  Don’t we have enough responsibilities and frustrations in our lives that we want to borrow more. Will giving up help. Why is life such a fight at every stage?
Why can’t people mind their own business? Why do we need to have highlights in life? Can’t we just be grateful that we are moving from day to day successfully without a hitch. Life has become such a compromise. I don’t remember what it was otherwise. Standing up for basic rights….. when did that become difficult or wrong. Are we just supposed to mend and move on and ignore the stitches in the middle. Can’t i smoothen it all out and make it all new?
Why can’t we just live for ourselves for a change? The way we want to. The way we dreamed of living.  Is that wrong to ask? Is it impossible to get?
Expecting people to stand up for me is something i have given up a long time ago still…… when somebody lets you down it still hurts.  I should have by now acquired a full non expectation armor but…… i guess i still believe in unicorns…… hahaha
My friend just shared a wonderful quote :

“If you dont like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
~Maya Angelou~
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