What do u want to be ???

Have you ever wished that you were someone else………someplace else??? Maybe some top film star like multifaceted Amitabh (did you know he even writes poetry…. check his blog) or somebody else??? I know the psychobabble for this would be dissatisfaction – that I am not happy with myself and probably depression or something else….. If you live your life as someone else, you would never have the chance to do what you want to do!!! but then who cares this is my world…. my place to say anything i like. So do you have any fantasies of this kind of being someone else…. living in someplace else ????

As for me I do want to be something else !!! A BIRD!!! not something like a crow or a pigeon…. I absolutely hate those two birds…. The crow being too smart a scavenger and the pigeon (quite frankly it looks DUMB and with my daily trials to keep them out of my house….. not surprising that I hate them so much) definitely not a chicken and not the sparrow either….. too small!!! no penguins for me simple reason they cant fly….. not the peacock either….. I know it is the national bird and very beautiful but….. nah !!! not for me!!! (I remember this joke about the peacock that when it dances it is actually naked!!!). I dont want to be a butterfly (it flies too) because it seems rather flimsy!!! Nice to look…. not to be touched.

I want to be a FLAMINGO!!! sounds dramatic na??? maybe even melodramatic but then I have always envied these birds….. because they can fly…… no i had no aspirations of either becoming an air hostess or a pilot…. quite the reverse actually!!! It should be the classic “khula aasmaan and me fluttering my wings” Flying in a tin ka dabaa is not in the least appealing to me.

I sometimes get so claustrophic in Mumbai that my heart cries for the open skies specially when I am in the Mumbai trains. Usually when I am in the absolutely chak a chak crowded Kurla train I close my eyes and imagine that I have wings and that I am flying away…. far far away!!! So if you find somebody…. totally lost, closing the eyes and trying not to throw up in the ladies compartment of the local…… you have just seen ME!!!

At times I am so caught up in the Mumbai life that I feel like flying home…… to Pune….. to Ma!!! remember John Denver….. “Country Roads Take me home” (whenever I listen to the song I want to fly home)

This feeling comes but oft…. and at that time nothing holds any appeal but flying down home to Ma!!! Sometimes when I am in the trains or for that matter at home I stare at the sky and think of what Ma must be doing and what Pa must be doing and if only I could be there for five minutes and then come back. I could fly over all the small roads and streets that I used to drive around when I was a kid either on my bicycle or on my two wheeler….. I just want to fly over all that and then come back. I can easily identify with Kalidas’s “Meghdoot”…….though in his case it was the clouds. I am quite obsessed with flying actually….. any substitute will do paragliding, parachuting, etc etc…

Why the beautiful flamingo….. well for one flamingoes are one of the most beautiful species of birds that I have ever seen and they really travel distances and I wish that I could too. I could go home when I wanted and wouldn’t have to spend one single naya paisa….. Guess after living in Mumbai for so long still crave for Pune…. thats the charm of the city…. even the air there feels and smells different….. smells of home. Guess living with a dog for nine years (I meant Cookie :)) does have a rub off. You start identifying everything with smells. Secondly they are migratory and live in only colder places… I would love that and may do anything for that. I don’t like fish though. Do they have vegetarian flamingoes??? Discovery says definitely NO!!!

Its not that I hate myself infact I am TOO happy with myself….. but then who does not want that little extra….. maybe a pair of detachable wings!!! It would be quite an ordeal to have it on you all the time. I think me having wings is the worst predicament that Rajdeep can ever think of me. Specially because then he would never be at peace thinking I would violate his one and only haven….. his office !!! Who knows I may turn up at his office everyday for lunch and then harrass him about his desk not being clean and organised… I can already imagine him looking sheepishly outside windows at top of trees or at the top of buildings expecting me to drop down anytime. So much for happy dreams…. as dhir said sheikh chilli ke haseen sapne. You are stuck with me man “till ever after“. As far as flying is concerned I do feel that I am flying whenever I am driving (riding) my beloved bike. That is the only time I truly feel FREE!!! Just driving by makes my day….. I feel happy…… within speed limits mind you……. but I would never give up my dream of becoming a flamingo. May be next time !!!

What about you do you want to be someone else….. live someplace else??? let me know !!!

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    hitch writer November 20, 2008

    Be some one else… i would love to be man again but doing a job in National Geographic showing all the different jungles of the world and spotting animals for my viewers !!! Not that i m interested in presentation, but if i get to travel around there free of cost wow… in the woods for me… away from the dust and traffic of the city.

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