Weekend Chronicles

Hi!!! Long week and totally swamped with work!!! Too much!!! This one promises to be even longer but immense satisfaction for this weekend because I did not spend it watching some dabba movie as I usually do but spent it with family at Pune……YESSS !!!! I was in paradise this weekend!!!

It was so eventful that I had no idea when Saturday passed and when Sunday came and went. For one I met up with friends from school and I met my favorite aunt. As usual my whole family had trooped in to meet me…… I so like that…… I almost feel like I am some kind of VIP. This time the additional highlight was that my bro-in-law had actually taken print-outs of my blog and there was a reading session going on. Man can you believe that!!! I live in perpetual bliss that the only people who read my blog are Dhir and Hubby…… I do the ostrich/turtle trick that nobody ever bother reading anything I write and I can do what I want…….. Guess have to start legally revising my blog before posting anything after all I cant let my precious nieces think that I am some sort of nincompoop!!!

Let me start with my school classmates first:
Flashback: Long time ago almost two years ago….. I started a site of my school in orkut, I was in touch with very few of my school friends approximately five of them……. out of that three of us Manju, Christy and me used to interact on a regular basis via orkut. It so happened that on one bored evening I started randomly looking for other friends from my class and found some. They were in touch with some more and as they say “Caravan banta gaya!!!”. We moved from Orkut to Google groups because we were getting hacked and people we did not wish to interact with were getting involved…… some we did not wish to refuse. This was more private and we could interact on a daily basis. We decided to meet up. Since majority of the ladies are in Pune…… we meet up there. We met first on 16th of March 2008 then in November 2008 and then this weekend on 18th of January 2009.

Present: Today we are 32 of us (all from my class) in touch with each other on a daily basis thanks to Internet and google groups. All of us are scattered all over the world but most of us are in Pune and since we all still have family in Pune we find it very convenient to meet there……. even if we don’t have family it is very nice to go back to the place we grew up…….. I speak for all of us!!!! It is so nice to meet the people with whom we grew up…… we have grown so different from what we were when we were kids but still there is this inherent common thing in all of us and underneath all the stuff that we have put on…….. we are still the people the nuns from school created!!!! I am in touch with my friends from college and management college as well, also work but the friends from school hold a special part in my life!!!

This weekend I met a new friend……. Reena…….. new in the sense I was meeting her for the first time after school and it was so nice to see her. Whatever the nuns planned for us…… we have turned into very nice human beings…….. we stand up for each other at all times……… almost as if we belong to the same family. I kinda like that a lot and honestly I think that this is one of the biggest achievements of my life to keep in touch with so many of friends and God willing I will do that for the rest of my life. That is another thing that is common in all of us!!!! We all are God fearing and thank God for everything that happens at all times. I just pray to God that I can hold on to them and hold them together for the rest of my life…… I want that on any bleak day when the going gets tough whatever happens to them and wherever they are……… they can always log on to google and talk to their friends…… friends who they can count on…… friends who will be with them when the going gets tough…… and not judge them.

We are planning on a website for the class and I am really hoping that we will be able to do something on that front and then we can officially be able to post pics and notes from all of them and also their children and we can see the kids growing….. so that when they are old they can do the same and hold on to friends for a lifetime!!!

I met my favorite aunt this weekend. She lives in the UK. We chatted till the wee hours of the night till ma had to banish both of us to bed. She has promised to stay with me for some days before she goes back……. I am so looking forward to her visit and then my house will not be the bhoot bangla…… with me doing the mashal dance of “disla ga bai disla”. You see I come from a family of three sisters and one dog. Our house always had a lot of running around, screaming, shouting, laughing, crying……. everything in extreme……. specially with all three of us being headstrong. My home in comparison seems very subdued and sometimes rather lonely and I love all the running and laughing and crying so I generally love having people over and having the Full house!!!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend and I had a blast. I met my sisters and bro-in-laws and even attended as I said earlier a reading of my blog and most importantly I met my Ma and Pa. It was fun. I hope to have another one like this one very shortly.

You have a nice and successful week and you take care !!!!

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  1. Reply
    Ranu January 20, 2009

    hey varunavi all these 32 ladies I am talking about have been with me since kindergarten to our tenth standard. We have spent 12 years together. As I said the fact that we are in touch with each other is one of the biggest achievements of my life and I pray earnestly that I can do that for a very long time to come.

  2. Reply
    varunavi January 20, 2009

    Its really nice to get in touch with school mates, your are fortunate to do that.I recently got net at home, i was searching for my classmates, lol i got one classmate ( we both were in same class from 1st to 10th class)
    We communicated through mail, then one day he told me abt blogging and told me abt his blog.From then i am in touch with him through blogging, and he suggested me to start my own blog, which i am doing so.

  3. Reply
    Ranu January 20, 2009

    Are we talking grammar as in You went I am going as in past tense and future tense etc….. I guess youre going home !!! (kidding) have fun !!!

  4. Reply
    hitch writer January 20, 2009

    Hey some one has been home !!!

    Some one is going home next weekend !!!!

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