weekend blues…… or may be I should say blue weekend!!!

This year has not started off well and is not progressing very well!!! I lost my grand mom-in-law, then my god mother. Call me superstitious, call me coward or whatever but this is just not my year!!! till date this has been the case de facto!!!!

My bro woke me up yesterday midnight to tell me that my uncle has had two massive MIs…… and that was just the icing on the cake. All weekend I was traumatised by Ma and dad not keeping well. Yeah!!! I am a worrier!!! I worry about people falling sick all the time.

My bro told me because I am the official family fore bearer of bad news both sides….. even that of my in-laws. Anything happens to anybody….. I am informed so that I can tell the rest of the clan both sides of the bad news. This is obviously a bad job and I honestly cant see anybody waiting to take over from me. So I have to live up to it…… calling ma and then gently telling Pa that his bro is in the ICU and that he has had two subsequent massive MIs and all this in spite of the fact that I have just woken up my parents from slumber in the middle of the night and that they are both not keeping well. It is a bad job but somebody has to do it. Whether it is Ma and dad who are not keeping well or have had a bad tiff…. I am invariably roped in to calm things between them lest they end up killing each other!!! (the worse part is in such a case I cant even take sides…… if I do they gang up together to kill me) etc etc!!!

Honest to God !!! I hate the job!!! for once I wish that somebody else does it and I am the one panicking, exclaiming, doing the swooning etc etc……. but some of the luxuries in life are not given to me. All the news of the deaths in the family for the last fifteen years have been handled by me!!! Dad calls me up and asks me to tell ma that her bro-in-law is dead and Ma does the same though they are living in the same house. Sisters do the same and all of them live within 20kms of each other and me I am 130 kms away but still I do the bad job…. that too individually.
Right now I am not worried about how things are being handled by my uncles siblings but more as to how things are with him!!! He is still in ICU with the doctors refusing an angioplasty….. his arteries are all blocked and they have just installed a pacemaker. He is old…. but then men in my family never really realise that and want to accomplish the impossibles…… My grand father used to go shopping for veggies till he was in his nineties, dad walks 7 kms everyday, my uncle who is in the ICU was digging the garden when he had the MI…… can you believe it…… somebody doing digging at the age of 82. Paternal aunt does all the work in her house including even taking care of her hubby who is on bed for the last one year all single handedly and refusing help of any kind…… some family!!!

I wish I could really use the proverbial whip with these people and get them to stick to books, music, television and stuff like like all the other normal bengalis rather than changing four buses in a day to reach some god forsaken place in the heat of Pune !!! I am so mad!!! I could really give it to them which I will!!! just let him get out of the ICU!!!

Right now I am glued to the phone and I call up every half an hour much to the chagrin of my sis-in-law who is terribly irritated with me and has told me that nothing will happen to anybody almost a zillion times but then I am also the insecured maniac of the family and she just has to deal with me !!!

Just have to do the stuff the nuns at school taught us to do!!! PRAY!!! hope that helps!!! but I must say it is not helping my patience!!! I sooooo love my life………… I could kill !!!

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    Ranu March 5, 2009

    Thanks Sucharita just got off the phone with bro….. uncle is fine thank god!!!

    Thanks everyone for your best wishes….

    When I was in school the nuns said that lots of people praying together helped and God answered the prayers faster…… seems to have worked !!! thanks again!!!

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    Sucharita Sarkar March 3, 2009

    I am so very sorry about the trying times you are facing and I sincerely hope your Jethu gets well soon.

  3. Reply
    Ranu March 2, 2009

    @ Varunavi!! I know it is absolutely ridiculous to do things that people in my family do and people call me crazy!!!

    @ Kavi!!! Thanks I am really praying and hope he stands by Jethu at this time !!!

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    Kavi March 2, 2009

    My prayers are withyou and all in the family. Trying times these are. But am sure, things will pan out well.

    When his presence is there withyou, what else is required

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    Varunavi March 2, 2009

    ho my god at the age of 82,ur uncle is digging the garden? God bless him and make him a normal person again.

    I understand ur feelings it is very difficult job to take such news and tell others abt that,but u know who is brave enough to take will be given that job.

    Even my mom doesnt sits and watch tv,full day she is busy doing something or the other.And she prefers changing bus to reach some where,she can very well take a auto and go but she doesnt want to go by auto.

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