Valentine blues

Valentines came and went. I know this post comes a little late but I honestly don’t really have anything to say about valentines anymore everything said about it sounds absolutely cliched. The day for love…. everyday is for love, it is an advertising gimmick, etc etc….. for me valentines is really meaningless apart from the few that I spent in college……. where I must say beating up boys sounded more interesting than actually going around with them.

When I was a kid my eldest sis had given me a valentine card….. It was a simple card which had a teddy bear on it saying “Will you be my Valentine!!!”…… it was a cute card…… which I still have with me. I was in the fourth standard when she gave it to me. I always thought that when I grew up I would give it to someone. Never found the right person and after that became cynical and the whole thing lost meaning.

When I was older and in college……… Nobody would ever approach me on Valentines…… at least I don’t remember spending any with a guy. Occasionally the brave ones who would risk my wrath and whose bravery i honestly appreciated would come up with a rose or a card……. I would congratulate them by not beating them up but rather eating up the rose they brought!!! The only thing that I still cant get over today is the fact that those damn roses I ate contained so much pesticides!!! I didn’t know then else i would have come up with something else to do with it.

Today when I cook I cant even fathom putting any rose petals in anything I cook for fear of causing food poisoning to the people eating it…… Hey I know about the pesticides because I grow roses myself and I know the amount of pesticides required to keep the roses in the manner they come!!!! Not your classic case of romance or romantic!!!!

It honestly took a great deal to get underneath the prickly nature that I carried with me so I usually spent all the valentines in solitude…… The only importance of valentines to me is that,……….. that is the day I got my licence to drive!!! I told you I am definitely not your classic case of a romantic.

In college we had sari day on Feb 14Th. The principal who constantly advocated the garment was the happiest that day……. for it was the day to finally see all her girls blossom into lovely ladies…… on that day she would grin from ear to ear much to my chagrin!!!! Well I was not so happy as I had to drive in a sari and carry the damn thing with me. Believe me it was actually carrying the sari…. at least that is what it felt for a person who wore denims as their second skin.

I did have loads of fun on one particular Valentine when me and my friends drove through the length and breadth of Pune on our bikes with our newly acquired licences. It was also a friend’s birthday so it made it more fun. The most memorable point in the whole story was that Archie (the girl whose birthday it was) got caught by the cop for jumping a signal. I have no idea but it is a personal observation that people drive very rashly during the valentine season…… not something I truly appreciate. I love driving at a slow pace enjoying my drive!!! Lots of people don’t necessarily agree with me…… who cares anyway!!!!

That’s the max I remember of Valentines!!!!

This year hubs and me were busy with my aunt finally leaving and we driving to the airport to drop her and then losing our way in the blessed lanes of Mumbai and then making detours through the traffic and then finally getting home after four hours…… here I must mention that it is the same time that I would take to go home to pune and come back. I so hate Mumbai traffic specially with the whole place dug up…… they just wont give up until they have found the treasure dug up by Queen Victoria!!! As for us we were so glad to be back home!!!!

On our way home we did see lots of lovey dovey pairs walking hand in hand lost in each others eyes. It feels so nice to see someone in love!!! Love is a very pure feeling and it can be clearly seen in the eyes of these young pairs. The lake next to my home was also full of them also full of cops who were keeping an eye for any untoward incident….. it was nice to see that they did not shoo off the couples but let them stay. After a very long time I saw the lake….. happy……. at least that is what it looked to me.

Valentines over…….. I am back to my classes and my beloved books!!!! I kinda love them now. Also starting some serious gymming today……. keeping my fingers crossed that this time I achieve the impossible!!! God willing this time I will lose weight.

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  1. Reply
    Ranu February 16, 2009

    yeah I did!!! but I only ate roses!!!

    Roses taste good but never eat the ones you buy to gift they are totally covered in pesticides which are very harmful!!! so eat the roses you grow in your own garden organically.

    Thanks and wish you the same.

    I have been busy….. TOO MUCH WORK!!! as I said I say that too often these days but I have visited your blog.

    Come on !!! I couldnt not visit YOUR blog!!! not possible !!!

  2. Reply
    hitch writer February 16, 2009

    you ate up roses that the guys gifted you ????

    grt !!

    belated happy valentines day !!!

    i see you havent been visiting my blog of late… !!!! grrr

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