The power of love

The Power of love

The tenderness in your eyes
when you behold me
Gives me reason to live
In this dreary world

The warmth that flows in me
when you embrace me
gives me reason to live
even amidst the cold hearted

The smile on your lips
when you console me
wipes away the teardrops
the world has given to me

The encouragement you give me
In times of despair
instills new strength in me in times of despair
to face all the the troubles ahead

The patience you show
when I am angry
gives me the understanding
to take everything in my stride

The love shining in your eyes
when we are together
gives me hope to live
for the wonderful tomorrows

You share my life
and all my joys and sorrows
and give me the reason to live
That is the power of your love.

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