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Bylanes of Kolkata


I took this picture in one of the bylanes of Ballygunge in Kolkata. It was a bright and sunny day and these deserted narrow lanes between the houses looked spooky and ethereal.  The shadows cast by the trees on either side added depth to this pic. I took this pic with my cell. These little narrow lanes seem to go nowhere but in reality they are the major connecting roads and very common here. In Fact, they define the city. Walking is the only way to go unless you have a cycle or a hand pulled rickshaw which is very common here. The cycle rickshaws can’t pass through these lanes.  Also it is very easy to get lost here. I was lucky to have a good guide to guide me through these roads…… else considering the inverted compass in my brain this would have been the perfect maze to get lost in. 

Cycle Rickshaw on the bylanes of Kolkata

IMG_2048 (2)

I took this pic in one of the bylanes of my native place in Kolkata. Cycle rickshaw is one the easiest modes of transport in Kolkata. The narrow bylanes make it impossible for huge vehicles to reach these places also it is one of the cheapest modes of transport. With the oust of hand pulled rickshaws from the streets of Kolkata because of it being a human right violation, the rickshaw walas who are out of job are now resorting to the cycle rickshaws as a means to earn their livelihood.

I have very fond memories of this part of Kolkata, my native place. This pic was taken on a very sunny day. It has the humble rickshaw wala probably returning after dropping his passenger to their destination. The election season has the various political parties put up their posters on the walls. You can notice the Congress party leader waving from the poster. The monochrome effect gives the pic the old world charm something I always associate with Kolkata.

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