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Flower # 72….. Black Rose….. Blooms from my garden


I have had this fascination for black roses since a long time now. My dream to photograph fully bloomed dark black roses with lovely whorls of glossy black petals has led me to a lot of florists and nurseries often getting vague stares from its owners, finally the elusive black rose got me knee deep in the realms of earth. I decided to grow my own. I have since then convinced myself that black roses are a myth and the closest i can get to it is by photoshopping really dark red ones. I got cuttings of what I thought was really dark red roses and read all about it on the net. The first few cuttings gave me red roses but the color was softer. But after a change in the fertiliser (and perhaps the sunlight), the first batch of roses that have come out are brilliantly dark red….. almost black. These are the first rushes of the buds on stem photoshopped into monochrome. I am hoping that they don’t lose color after they have bloomed fully. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I might not have got the black rose but I am happy with this one. Plus the dark red color is simply awesome. I cant stop looking at it.

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