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This is a follow-up to the Case of Sister Joanna which I have been following-up since yesterday!!! As an update since yesterday Joanna was released on bail and she has filed a case against the parents you can read it here.

The authorities have not done a thing yet and they are still passing on the blame saying it is run by a private institution and it is located in the Cantonment area you can read it here .

Joanna has locked us up in the past and she has got away with it. Will the parents let her get away with it again!!! I am getting a lot of response from my friends and classmates about the same. All of whom have been at one time or another been locked in the class after school for some or the other reason.

But my question is “should corporal punishment be made a part of education ??? should small little children be punished like this??? What do you think???”

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    hitch writer March 30, 2009

    No culprits are punished in our country.. !!

    Kasav is alive, The parliament attacker is alive..

    Joana is a saint compared to these fellows !

    you expect nething can happen to her ??


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    Ranu March 23, 2009

    @Julia welcome to my blog!!!

    True love is the key. Nuns running schools should be taught to be more patient,loving and empathetic.

    I have known sister Joanna since the time she came to our school as the principal. She was in the past reprimanded for her high-handedness and taken to task by authorities but this is the first time the parents have taken any kind of action against her.

    I applaud them for finally doing something about it and preventing the scarring of little children.

    Apart from these few incidences corporal punishment to students is banned in India.

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    julia March 22, 2009

    i refuse to accept the idea that some people can be so mean.I have always wondered why the indian children covered their ears when they are scolded….now i know,their parents tought them (because their teachers used to pull their ears…. as a method of punishment).Poor parents and children.From my point of view,LOVE is the key.

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    julia March 22, 2009

    if someone punishes a child like this…that child will do the same thing when his time comes.i always wondered why indian children cover their ears when they are scolded.Poor children.Love is the key!

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    Pankaj March 20, 2009

    Hi ranu, i agree with you with times although i am sure we dont have published data but less and less arranged marraige are happening then what used to be. Initially my old conservative thought compelled me to think that arranged marriages are good but now i am of the impression that arranged marriage is just a gamble.Either you win or loose.But love marriage is marriage between two freinds. That also may not work but thats life.More comments soon.

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    rahul March 20, 2009

    This is completely appauling Sister Joanna should be punished and the problem in our Nation now a days is that education has become an instant money spinner, a money grabing exercise nothing more.

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