Save me…….. save yourself !!!!

When people cry “exploitation” or say that they are being exploited and complain and cry about it to others. I don’t have the patience of feeling bad about such people. If you think you have been exploited you ask for an explanation from the exploiter and rather than playing victim and crying over it, you fight for your rights. And if you wish to continue the existence of the one exploited you should  cry over it at your convenience at your own abode. 

The victim is as much to be blamed for the exploitation as is the exploiter, simply for the simple reason that they wish to take the sacrificial mode. I understand that in most cases you might  not be able to do anything about it. But atleast speak out that you have been exploited, and refuse to be the end of any more exploitation.
Gone is the era of Sulochanas and Nirupa Roys. Today you have to stand up and fight for your own rights. If you don’t do it you will be deemed as weak and only the faces of the exploiters will keep changing. Your status-quo will remain the same. That of the poor sad victim who is weak……. a person who needs protection. Is that how you wish to be mentioned???  Not me!!! Id prefer going down fighting than stay back and cry. Call it the Maratha salt in my blood but I don’t budge from issues that I believe in.

I don’t believe in the tolerance method by Gandhi…….. waiting for the person’s subconscious to alter his decision and make a better judgement. That could have been applicable in that particular era but I believe in the philosophy of non-tolerance:  “You cant take me for granted and treat me like that……. I deserve more respect……. you either give it to me or butt off from my life“. 
If I give people their due, is it wrong for me to expect the same from them???
The world is round. All that goeth cometh right back. Well that might be true…… I have even seen a lot of stances of that coming true but for me waiting for the world to go around and then complete its rotation and making things equal is barbaric. Id rather speak my piece and let peace reign for the rest of my life than waiting my whole life for the other shoe to drop. I don’t need people who live off other people in my life. Maybe my world gets a little smaller but I live the way I want to on my own terms.
I am not talking revenge or anything violent just the fact that “I am a person just like you and you should treat me like you treat yourself ” If you think something is not good for yourself how can you take it that it would be good for me. In family I see a lot of people who would buy a very expensive dress for themselves and give away the thing that they don’t like to somebody else. If they think that the dress is not fit for wearing why do the expect the other person to wear it??? Does the world have different rules for you and me???
You and you alone are responsible for yourself. If you bog down and accept it without voicing your opinion you are nothing but a coward. Because even if you don’t voice it, it wont stop you from feeling cheated and bitter. I would rather speak my mind and hold my peace for life than keep feeling robbed.
For its survival every relationship should be based on a set of rules, which are equal for all. I have seen that when there are no equal rules, the relationship becomes bitter and disintegrates and falls apart at some point of time. It is deemed to break down. On the other hand a relationship with rules has boundaries and nobody is taken for granted……. nobody feels cheated. A relationship based on trust and mutual respect lasts a lifetime and even more. On the other hand a weak relation of one person encroaching on the other….. one person calling shots and the other person not getting an opportunity to have a say feels cheated and usually crumbles. 
Sulochana’s and Nirupa Roys are symbols for sacrifice they usually lived in poverty were cheated felt bad about one and all and cried all the time but Shasikala always got the best clothes make up the best cars never in poverty a happy life……… What i want to reiterate is Id rather be called the bad person than sit back home and live my life subdued and all the time feeling cheated. People have to understand that every human being on earth is equal and everybody deserves to be treated well. I quote the bible here (my convent upbringing):
Mathew 7:12 :  “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
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