Phew !!! alls well at last!!!

First of all thanks all of you for your best wishes!!! Jethu is out of danger and the temporary pacemaker is off. I spent the whole of today just fretting over the doctor’s “kabhi haan kabhi na”. If it was in Pune or Mumbai I would have just got on the phone and dealt with the doctors but doctors in Kolkatta carry a massive weight of their egos and “I am God” mentality on their shoulders and I didn’t want any harm to come on Jethu so I just kept my peace for so many days.

Once I heard that he is officially out of danger and he has started cribbing, I was really happy……. you wont believe it but cribbing is a very good sign in my family. If any body of the Chakraborty household remains in bed without getting forced to do so…… alarm bells start ringing and doctors are summoned……. cribbing means that he is out of danger and right now he is giving a very bad time to all the hospital staff…… he wont stay on the bed and insists on doing things by himself. However, this rule does not apply to my generation. All of us love sleeping however bad the earth quake is.

Another good thing that happened is that the whole family came together. I was so touched to see the whole joint family come together again and running around for Jethu. I wish we didn’t have to wait for calamity for something like this to happen!!! Another good thing that all the kids of our generation agreed that the elders in the family were getting loonier and that we should not put up with their life threatening antics…….. resultant dad and my Jethus and Kakus are going to see some real changes around them!!! For one all kinds of gardening equipments are going to be kept under lock and key or thrown out secondly they are going to be seriously monitored as to the amount of activity they do……. my dad has no idea as to what is going to hit him!!!

Wait till I come Dad I am going to make your life miserable and I am going to enjoy it thoroughly!!!

I met my guide yesterday…….. I am to submit a paper in some international HR conference plus submit my research proposal and literature survey by the end of this month……. that would mean surfing/researching the net non-stop for an average of 5 to 6 hours daily………. lot of work lined up for me this month starting today!!!

I finally went to the gym today after so many days!!! The trainer seemed to have really missed me a lot because today he made me catch up with all the days I missed. Man I pushed 15 kgs dumbbells in each hand. Right now I am physically lifting my hand and putting it on the keyboard and typing and then getting it down. It is really paining and me is wondering……. who is cooking today!!!

Something happened in the gym today……. which I just have to share with you. First I have to go flashback to tell you what happened on Saturday last!!!

Flashback: Officially the gym has a timing of 11 am to 5 pm as the ladies hours. Personally I prefer to go during the ladies hour because then I am saved from the horrendous vision of all the men doing weights and showing biceps and specially because during this time the trainers (same rule in all gyms) get really excited about sprouting biceps and they get the women also to weight train and that is real bad. There is this man (lets call him Mr Room freshener) who came in the ladies hours and since he was all set…… the trainer allowed him to work out. (There a poster just like this in the gym….. for inspiration….disgusting I must say!!!)

The man started pulling and pushing iron and doing weights….. really heavy weights !!! He started sweating and his t-shirt was drenched. So he got rid of the t-shirt and started working out in his vest…… vest is also wet…….. then he starts dripping. The whole place starts stinking !!! Cant the man carry a towel…… we all do!!! All of us……. women start to leave, looking at each other and not touching the “wet” weights he had used and all of us left before time citing some reason…… mine was I had to study.

Present: I have to claim one thing here: I am extremely sensitive to smell. I cant stand heavy smells…… specially that of heavy perfumes and deos……. I get a very bad headache and in some cases start to sneeze. So today when I was doing Yoga after my hour long strenuous workout with my eyes closed…….. a weird very very strong smell attacked my nostrils!!! My eyes were closed so I did not see anything……. but the smell kept moving from the left to the right and then again left. It was irritating and my eyes and nose started to burn. So in the middle of the breathing session I started to sneeze and in my bout of sneezing I started screaming to the trainer to stop spraying so much room freshener in the gym.

Well, Mr Room Freshener decided that he did stink and decided to combat that with some really weird perfume or was it deo!!! donno but it was bad!!!

There was a mum and after I had collected my senses I realised that all the women were again making a bee line for the exit saying that they had to rush home to cook or something or the other…….. and me I suddenly came face to face with Mr Room Freshener!!! I had no business to make any kind of personal comment but was very irritated…… so I looked at him and told the trainer to please lower the amount of room freshener he sprayed in the gym and left.

After I left the gym the whole thing became so hilarious that I stopped my two wheeler and started to laugh!!! Well one improvement…… Mr Room Freshener had a towel today!!!

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  1. Reply
    Ranu March 14, 2009

    @ dhir : I jog in the gym….. two birds one stone!!

    @Varunavi : I know what you mean but you know you cant say much to them….. they feel bad…. but the loop hole here is that in my family people are partial to daughters!!! so people usually listen to me

    @Smita : Yeah the guy is sure pathetic in caps and bold !!!

    @Kavi : thanks for the best wishes and yeah it was definite heavy stuff!!!

    @nsiyer : still working on the threat!!!

  2. Reply
    nsiyer March 8, 2009

    Great! Nice to know all is ok. Family coming together was a great achievement. It is happiness or crisis that does it. Keep writng. I also liked your loving threat to your Dad.

  3. Reply
    Kavi March 5, 2009

    Glad all is well at the home front. I am sure things will pan out well !

    And about the Room Frehshner…well, it was really heavy stuff, wasnt it !!

    LOL !! Hilarious !

  4. Reply
    Smita March 5, 2009

    Glad you jethu is well 🙂

    Vaise all retired parents can be a pain specially if they fall in the hyper active category 🙂

    That gym guy is for sure pathetic…yuck!!!

  5. Reply
    Varunavi March 5, 2009

    Nice to hear that ur jettu is out of danger.But i liked when u wrote “cribbing means that he is out of danger and right now he is giving a very bad time to all the hospital staff…… “

  6. Reply
    hitch writer March 5, 2009

    One more reason to go jogging and not gymming !!!!

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