Orange is the sacred color for all Hindus. Orange flags denote everything holy. This pic was taken during Palkhi an annual pilgrimage to the city of Pandharpur. Lakhs of pilgrims from all walks of life and all over the state of Maharashtra walk from Alandi and Dehu in Pune to Pandharpur, a distance of 204 kms which takes them 22 days. They reach Pandharpur on Ashadi Ekadashi to take part in the religious festivities there.

The palkhi meaning palanquin which carries the sandals of Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram both saints of Maharashtra are taken from Alandi and Dehu respectively to the Vithal (Vishnu)temple in Pandharpur. These warkaris who go with the palkhi sing praises of the lord all their way their. Its a spectacle to be seen. Personally I like the enthusiasm and the fervor with which these people walk for 22 days.

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    fredamans January 17, 2012

    I wonder why the men seem so angry?

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      Ranu January 17, 2012

      I took this pic in the evening. The warkaris had been walking all day for two days in a row already. On the way they sing songs which take them to a very high tempo/climax. I took this pic after one such song. They are otherwise a very cheerful crowd and have a lot of fun on the way.

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