Pain management

Yesterday when I returned home from the gym after a workout of an hour, I found my whole house flooded in water…….. soap water to be exact. My washing machine had played up.
Result: I spent the rest of the day mopping the floors. I totally empathize with the people who have their homes flooded in the monsoon. So I am going to stop cribbing of the sweltering heat and wouldn’t mind if the monsoons are postponed a little longer.

My arms, back, and legs hurt like hell. So much for my well deserved holiday!!! The pain wouldn’t recede even after two analgesics. Cleaning 1000 sq ft area is not an easy task. Earlier in the day I had pangs of my OCD and had already cleaned the house twice over. Once alone and once with stinky maid. So this was the last straw!!!!

Earlier on also the machine had played up but I always had the love of my life to bank on and we both did the impossible. Today I was alone!!! I soooooo miss her……. and I hate stinky!!! I hate motivating her everyday and I hate screaming on top of my voice so that she can hear me in the other corner of the house…….. I can’t stay in the same room as her….. else I will end up puking.

So as I was saying the analgesics wouldn’t work. It was bad!!! When hubs returned home I was totally bawling out!!! I am not allowed more than 1000 mg at a time and I could take the next one only after four hours…….. so I just had to bear all of it!!!!

Finally sitting on my rocking chair I decided to try psychotherapy. I had read someplace sometime in the past that you should think of something badder that had happened to someone else or to yourself then it gives you the patience to bear the pain. But then there is no standard degree for pain management. Every person’s tolerance of pain is different. You can’t really say which pain was badder than what.

Every pain at that point of time seems the baddest!!! For e.g. I thought that stomach cramps was real bad when I had throat infection and pain the throat was real bad, the pain after my surgery was also bad…… it had me screaming for pain killers and then the ear pain it was the worst and what about the emotional pain, the pain that happens when you get hurt……… that was real real bad……… the baddest!!! You can’t really say which one is bad!!! Sometimes the headaches are killing !!!

Well I picked out my baddest pain and I actually felt better!!!! It saved me from making a dash for the next dose of analgesic!!! The pain seemed less and the third analgesic at bed time was a miracle!!!! I feel sore today but much better.

I even cooked today!!! Well I cooked yesterday also!!! big deal!!!

Everything after all happens for good. There is goodness in even pain.
As AB says “Dard mein bhi kuch baat hai”

PS: Did you know the teachers at Municipal school get paid between 20 and 30K and they even have 13 computers for the students just read about it in Malvika’s blog.

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    pain management emr March 31, 2011

    Yeah! I agree with you there, Sometimes the headaches are killing !! I also feel that specially when I am so stressed. Anyway, I just do the pain management that my doctor told me. Thanks for sharing.


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    Kavi May 9, 2009

    I have noticed that the washing machines have a tendency to play up when you are tired ! I wonder how they sense it so well !?!

    And that seems to be a new method of pain management. Indeed !

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