Nari tera jawab nahi!!!!

What is it with women????? Of late the women I have been meeting are all the Mere Pati mere bachche…… to the extent that I feel as though I am the judge in a Pativrata: Mera Pati Parmeshwar contest. Only the degree of Pativrataness varies. One lady comes up with “woh kitne thak jate hai sara din kaam karte hai”. “Aaj unhone yeh kiya” etc etc. I cant help it but I just HAVE to roll my eyes.

Considering all these men work 9 to 5, white collared jobs. I dont know what the thakan is about. It is not that they have been working in the mines or something. I also know that these men at work have been involved in meetings where they sit and half sleep. The women go on and on and on about the travails of their husbands as if they have been to war and not to a plush air conditioned office. A simple statement of “Aaj Sharmji ne mujhe cabin me bulaya” is met with a with stunned expression as if he has been nominated for the next nobel prize.

As for the kids the standard expression is: “Aajkal kitna kam khata hai” to a fat child again calls for eye-rolling. Bengali women are never satisfied with the amount their kids eat and then when the doc reprimands them for the obese kids they say “pata nahi kaise mota hota hai…… yeh to kuch khata hi nahi”

Another sect is of underplaying the kid’s achievements, “Yeh to padta hi nahi phir bhi first ata hai”. More often after that there is a war of all the women present underplaying their husbands and kids and proclaiming them as pargons and prodigies.

I have no idea why I am at the receiving end of these stuff considering I am not the gharelu kinds. Probably they think that they will be able to transform me into their kin. In such cases I usually stay quiet and smile, hoping it will pass away. This also makes me misfit no 1 in these gatherings. I usually smile and bear and in the track mode play judge to the pativrata contest.

Women really put their husbands and children on a pedestal and worship them. That is fine with me……. no hassles. The only hassle I have is when I have to bear the brunt of their worship. There is another class of women who get really explicit about their husbands. Glorifying their husbands in the process. Those are the times when I dont know where to look. I get scandalised by people washing their dirty linnen in front of me with all kinds of washing powders……. Yuck!!!

I know all about the love for husband and children and all the facts about they being your whole life and career put together but why try to convince me of that. You know it…… your hubby (better) knows it…. your kids know it……. that is all that should matter right???? Apreciation should come from those quarters right???

The agony is more after the results of the kid’s exams. Then there is a detailed statistical report of all the kids of the kid’s class and why they did the way they did with detailed analysis of the type of education imparted to them thereby justifying their own child’s sucess/failure. The part I dont understand is this thaka hua husband who has spent his whole day with Sharmaji and not been able to do anything after coming home from work actually gets all the credit for the child’s success and the failure the ladies usually take upon themselves. Who are you trying to convince???? ME ???? WHY???

All I can say is that these women should all get into PR they will make bandar chap kala dant manjan an international and most sought after brand.

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    Smita May 28, 2010

    lol @ the last line!! But am totally with you on this! I hate ppl who are onto self praise or praising their kiths n kins!!!

    I know so many ppl who wud love to say arrey my son is this n that! & I wonder why is she telling this to me, how does it matter to me!! But I guess in certain cases the life of housewife’s revolves aroud their family and they have nothing other than that to talk about!

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