Merry Christmas to everybody

Christmas brings out some of the best memories of my life. Having studied in a convent, Christmas is celebrated at school amidst lots of fun and frolic. We did not celebrate christmas on the actual christmas day but much before school closed for the holidays. Every year for twelve years in school we had the same traditional Christmas skit of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ….. Mary, Joseph and all other characters changed every year……. only Jesus was the same (doll)…… year after year also the haunting “Silent Night”

The nuns and teachers of our school diligently made stockings with card paper and filled it with sweets and toys in the true christmas spirit and then there were carols that were sung and my favorite “Jingle Bells ” and lots of other songs. The songs were played on the intercom all day. Miss Anne, dressed as Santa Claus and came to each and every class to distribute sweets. It was the same all the twelve years I was there. To be very honest I was very vary of Santa….. understatement…….. I was scared of him!!!! Years later as we waited on the sidewalk at M.G.Road waiting for Santa to pass by in his horse driven chariot, I would confess to my husband about Santa and he would laugh and find that funny. I still find Santa a little overpowering. Guess Miss Anne truly played Santa to the hilt….. maybe she even over dramatised it……..

Pune in Christmas is most beautiful. All seasons are beautiful there but the rains and the winter are the best. During Christmas the whole of Pune is alight in beautiful colors and the cool weather make it very endearing……. especially Camp/MG Road which is closed for traffic on Christmas. After school I always went there for Christmas. I remember going there with friends year after year just to feel “Christmassy”. All the shops have beautiful window dressing and Santa driving his horse chariot throwing sweets on everybody…….. It is amazing. I haven’t been there for some years now but i truly hope that the tradition continues. Christmas has always been beautiful in Pune and will continue to be beautiful…… I will miss it even this year!!!

At home Dad always gets the Rum cake or the Plum cake for Christmas. This has been a tradition that has been happening for years. We are not Christians but till date my whole family gets together and Ma makes lots of goodies for the whole family. This year too the whole tradition is going to be repeated. I have had calls all day today to find out whether I would be able to make it…… some very angry……. specially my elder sis who is having her birthday two days from Christmas. She was looking forward to having me there. I cant make it this year as well.

I truly miss Christmas at Pune!!! I close today wishing each and everyone Merry Christmas and best wishes for the holiday season…… Do spend it with your family and may Santa visit each one of you and grant all that your heart desires!!!!

I post the most haunting, spiritual and beautiful song from you tube….. Ladies and gentlemen Silent Night and Jingle Bells for you


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    Ranu January 6, 2009

    ocean : thanks for dropping by visited your site was cool!!!

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    ocean December 26, 2008

    Merry Christmas!!! Hop u’ll visit my blog!!!

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    hitch writer December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas !!

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