Life without carpets and masks

No carpets !!! Life is scary!!! It means cleaning everyday!!! Now alongwith previously accumulated dirt there is also the new dirt that has to be cleaned everyday. Quite a hassle but the plus point is that you have less breakdowns and less phoenix episodes.

In the begining it was physically reminding myself to be without the carpet. Seeing all the crap around and wanting to clean up all the time. I have a cleanliness disorder!!! Then there was the physically retaliating to the people causing the dirt. Result is that most people who knew me from pre carpet cleaning days are shocked they all think i need to go to a shrink!!! some think i am snooty now because of some stamps on my passport. whatever…… the thing remains that almost all people agree that things have changed and some are even evoking strong emotions.

They dont expect me to be so blunt and obvious. So much that some people have actually come up to hubby and told him that he is really very tolerant. The actual words were: You are like a lamp that is burning to give others light. All the time looking at me. When i look at these sugar coated people I feel like telling them carpet cleaning is going to be next on your agenda. But then doing things underhand

I realise that people cant take truth. They dont like to be told that what they are doing is bad. I usually dont react or talk to people or express my opinions. Also the people who affect me are slowly dwindling and have come to only two…… can you believe it only TWO people in the whole wide world. I am hoping it stays that number because if it comes down to nil there will be trouble!!! it is nice to be held back by somebody!!!

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