Lakes and Rivers

This is a lake at Jurong, Singapore Zoo. It is within the premises of the zoo and you can go boating in the scenic lake.  The zoo has a tropical rain forest feel to it and it usually has torrential rains there. This pic was taken just before one such heavy downpour. 
This is the river Amba in Maharashtra. I took this pic on my way to village Pali to the Ballaleshwar Temple one of the ashtavinayaks. The river flows calmly and uninterrruptly through the year. It is the lifeline of the villages situated on its bank. Most of the cultivation is done with its waters.

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    NatureFootstep December 14, 2011
  2. Reply
    HansHB December 13, 2011

    Nice pictures! Well done!

  3. Reply
    Eden December 13, 2011

    Great shots.

    We visited Jurong zoo a few years ago but didn’t get the time to go boating in the lake.

    Thank you for your visit.

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