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Laid-back trainer is not so laid-back after all. Guess the first day was just the trailer of the whole movie. The trailer being the best scenes put together……. with Mr Trainer being politeness personified and giving me lots of room to breathe…… so much that I thought life was suddenly going to be rosy and pink…….. another shattered dream!!! Yesterday my trainer made me work-out like a dog…… or is it supposed to be pig….. he knew just all the places when I was cheating and caught me cheating and put me straight……. I also tried the blank look !!!! The ones my kids give to me when I catch them doing something totally untoward. Didn’t work with him!!!! But his reaction taught me how to deal with the blank look……. Another jump to my learning curve!!!!

The end result……… I was aching all over……. could not lift my hands or move my legs……. ordered take home BUT……… I really really slept nice after a very very long time. Guess I will lose the perpetual black bags under my eyes after all……. someday!!!! I just hope that it comes before long. I am missing my “dead sleep” in which I sleep through earthquakes and alarm clocks and people calling me and screaming at me and also water throwing!!!! These days the alarm wakes me so does hubs snoring and my neighbour’s reverse horn. Once lost you cant get back the same quality of sleep again….. I guess!!!!

I also had a session with the dietician and physiotherapist with my blood reports. Apparently it seems that I am not eating enough….. not new to me. But man I just don’t have the time to eat…… I hate eating. My Haemoglobin count is rock bottom and I have high blood pressure……. not new as well…… BUT good news is that I don’t have thyroid or blood sugar!!!! People just don’t appreciate the good things……. including hubs. Why don’t people be more positive and see the brighter and better aspects of life. Result I am to make a chart/report of all that I eat and all my physical activities daily for a month and then changes will be made in my diet. Till then I am to eat Palak……. good old spinach…… three times a week and beet root and carrots and lots of salads………… UGHHHH!!!! The whole disgusting package put together!!!! So much that by the end of the gymming session I am sure to grow bunny ears with all that spinach and carrot and beetroot. Maybe I should start measuring my ears as well to find out if they are actually growing……. do they still use the vernier calipers????

The dietician’s counselling sounded so familiar….. same language that Ma uses. I have to find out whether Ma has been conspiring with the dietician. They are talking the same language. I have to find out if he has her number or vice versa. Only plus point here is that the dietician wont come home to find out whether I am really eating it or no. So I can cheat a little here and a little there!!!!

Yesterday I talked non-stop for two hours!!!! Can you believe that!!!! After that for the rest of the day I took vocal rest!!!! My kids are supposed to give a speech and they are going to be evaluated by me for their exams. The mention of speeches and speaking before an audience gave them the jitters that I expected and the reaction was totally predictable. Resultant I spend the whole lecture talking non-stop about topics ranging from Indian independence to Indian economy to recession to politics to elections to arts and culture to hair color and soaps and cosmetics to capital market to working capital to globalisation to robotics to advances in medicine to latest in cancer to malaria to Gandhiji to Shahrukh……. etc etc…… whew!!!! I went on and on and on. Man, honest I have never ever flitted from so many topics non-stop.

What kept me going was the look in their faces. It was actually addictive. I had no idea I could talk so much on such a varied range of subjects……. another step to self discovery. It was my teaching genes in action. I just cant take credit for it. It was just not me. After two hours of non-stop delivery of something which did not make sense to me alone, I realised I had an audience, of people who were not my students but had stopped to listen. It was amazing. The euphoria was really contagious. For once nobody yawned in class and nobody cribbed about grammar being boring or having come to college at 7:00 in the morning and that they were tired……. etc etc. The lecture was really satisfying to the soul!!!!

All in all a wonderful day yesterday……. more deadlines to meet today……… more iron to pull and push and lots more to do…….. most importantly….. I have to eat!!!!……. TOO MUCH WORK…….. that has been my mantra these days……. but I kinda like it that way…….. just hope I am not burning the candle in both ends…… don’t want to burn out too fast!!!!

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    hitch writer February 18, 2009

    hey you are tagged again !! check my last post !

  2. Reply
    hitch writer February 18, 2009

    you not eating ??? why ???

    here i am always over eating !!!!

    take care and please eat !

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