Interiors anyone……

This is my new friend and frequent visitor in my garden. She has made her home in the terrace. Recently spotted her doing the interiors of her nest. She has been meticulously collecting cotton and feathers to make a abode a soft one to cushion the little ones.

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    Marcy November 23, 2014

    Lovely visitor!!

  2. Reply
    peppylady (Dora) November 23, 2014

    Your photo remind me a poem when I was young…

    Coffee is on

  3. Reply
    Sue St Clair November 22, 2014

    Oh my what a sweet new friend you have 🙂 Beautiful photos. I played too this week. Stop by if you can.

  4. Reply
    Una November 22, 2014

    Maybe I should let that bird do my interior design 🙂 Great picture.

  5. Reply
    Jade @ Tasting Grace September 13, 2014

    What a cute little bird!

  6. Reply
    SamuraiFrog September 12, 2014

    What a sweetie!

  7. Reply
    fredamans September 11, 2014

    Beautiful bird!

  8. Reply
    Janice Adcock September 11, 2014

    Nice captures

  9. Reply
    Carver September 11, 2014

    The bird is adorable. Carver, ABC-W-T (I don't have an I post this week)

  10. Reply
    Linnea September 10, 2014

    Very sweet shots!

  11. Reply
    Ann September 10, 2014

    They are marvelous decorators, our are so busy making a perfect home.<br />Ann

  12. Reply
    carol l mckenna September 10, 2014

    How fascinating and wonderful photos for I !<br /><br />artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Reply
    Susan (ABON) September 10, 2014

    Now that little bird is precious!

  14. Reply
    Melody Steenkamp September 10, 2014

    What a lovely and very cute shot…… i love birds, they always touch my soul.

  15. Reply
    Roger Owen Green September 10, 2014

    hi, there. birdie!<br /><br />ROG, ABCW

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