I have been given a blogger award

The best thing that happened this weekend was that Dhir gave me a blogger award!!!! sob! sob! sob!!! I am over whelmed…… thanks Dhir!!!! you are the best!!!

Hey I can say the thank you’s right!!! sob! sob! sob!!!

This is my very first award ever !!!!! sob! sob! sob! I would like to thank my puppy who ultimately became a dog !!! My family….. friends…………. my……. booooohooooooo!!!! The love of my life…. my maid (Please God let her love me…….. forever and ever………… booohoooooo!!!! and let her never ever leave me…….. I can’t imagine my life without her!!!!……. and if you are at it…… can you pleeeeease reduce the number of holidays she takes per month)….. she is the best!!!! Thanks to Dhir for giving me this award!!!! my ma and my pa and my neighbours for being my neighbours and……… and…………. I guess I am forgetting somebody!!!!……. yeah Rajdeep !!!
This is something in Spanish and I have no idea what it is all about…… but I am really hoping that it is something really NICE……
Now I have to now give away this away !!!! Abhi mila and abhi le liya !!!! boohoooo!!!!! (I am not good at sharing things!!!!)
I have to give it to 8 people…….. that is quite a number because I dont really think that I know so many people to give it to but I will try:
Gappa: Suranga of Gappa is one person whose post I never ever miss reading !!! she makes me laugh…. cry….. smile just by her writing….. her minute reading of people amazes me. I love reading everything that she writes.
Life : Anuja of Life is a beautiful person!!! Her writings are so honest that I really love reading her blogs. She writes with her heart and with lots of passion….. A woman after my own heart!!!
Whynotblogit: Sucharitra of whynotblogit and PastContinuous is a fine writer….. I love her wit and she makes me laugh and her blog is real fun specially her reminescences from the childhood….. It reminds me of my holidays with my family in Kolkatta. She truly deserves it.
Mom’s Cooking : Shreya of Mom’s Cooking….. I love her passion for food….. I FEEL like cooking after reading her blog!!!! (which I must say is very rare)
Domain Maximus: His blogs are only one thing……. HILARIOUS!!! I love his blog!!!
Loving, Living, Small: I love her blog and her DIY home improvement ideas….. I have implemented a lot of them in my home.
Life’s Many Lessons: Pat from Life’s Many Lessons is awe inspiring. I love her self motivation articles….. They are something I have spend days reading….. still not completed all of them.
Clever Girl Goes Blog : Tia from Clever Girl Goes Blog is another blog that i love….. Tia is very honest and her perspective to life is so nice and honest….. I love what she writes…. so I give it to her!!!
and last but not the least
My views….. my life: Rajdeep because he writes honest and has hell lot of potential…. I know that because I live with him and I am hoping that this will encourage him to write more often and because he is my worst critic and he is also my hubby.

All my favorite blogs !!!


“Apparentely who ever receives the award is to pass it to 8 friends. I know how busy most are,especially this time of the year, so I won’t be upset if you can’t do it. Also this was sent along saying that “Blogs that Receives this award are ” exceedingly charming, says its author. This blog invests and beleives in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space , time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement!Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attentions to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award. ” In order to view their blogs, please click their names.”

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  1. Reply
    Ranu January 6, 2009

    You are welcome Anuja and Sucharita. Thanks Sucharita!!!

  2. Reply
    Sucharita Sarkar December 16, 2008

    thanks ranu, for your praise. liked your blog very much, too, esp your critique of sorry bhai (sorry, but i have not seen it) and your touching tribute to your dida.

  3. Reply
    Lonely Princess December 15, 2008

    Thanks a bunch, Ranu! This was real sweet of you 🙂

    Keep blogging! Keep reading!!


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