Happy birthday Sweety

Today is double celebration!!! Firstly is my niece Sweety’s (Anuja) birthday. Secondly today is Ashtami and Navami combined!!!

Happy birthday to you sweetheart !!!

May God grant you a long life, health, wealth, happiness and lots of cheers on your birthday today!!! May God shower you with all the choicest and best blessings today and all you life!!!

happy birthday !!!

This picture looks just like her !!! Yeah!!! to me she looks just like tweety!!! When she was born she was so little all red and pink. She was the first child that I saw, the first that I ever held. I was so scared because her head was soft and her neck just as soft.

She was born after a very long labor. My sis was in the throes of labor for more that 12 to 14 hours when the doctors finally decided to go in for a cesarean. I still remember that day. Ma sent me home from the nursing home as somebody had to be there to take care of cookie (my dog). When I went home they called me to say that Sweety was born. I saw her the next day all red and pink. I thought she had a rash or something. Till Sweety I thought all kids looked like the kids from the diaper ads. It was revelation indeed!!!

Today she has grown to be a beautiful young woman!!! I am so proud of her!!!

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