Hand pulled rickshaw, Kolkata






I took this pic in one of the very narrow bylanes of Kolkata. The hand pulled rickshaw still runs in some parts of Kolkata. The lanes in these areas are so narrow that it would have been congested with the auto rickshaws. These are pics from my trip to Kolkata last week. With the mercury hitting a high of 40 plus degrees Celsius, it was difficult to venture out to take pics. In the few occasions that I tried…… the camera malfunctioned because of the excessive heat plus I was actually melting in the sweltering heat. The rickshaws that I clicked were too fast to capture on my cell. This pic is of my aunt when she came to meet me. She had hired a rickshaw to take her to and fro. I took this opportunity to take some shots….. Also the rickshaw puller agreed to get photographed as he waited for my aunt.

The third pic I took with my cell. A Bengali babu travels in one of the rickshaws in the bylanes. It has the rickshaw puller in motion and running. They are too fast and in very less light it was difficult to take good shots.

I mono-chromed it to get the old world feel. Kolkata seems so much unchanged every time I visit that the constancy comes alive in the monochrome. The vibrant Bengali colors are of-course missing but the black and white gives the pic a different feel that I like.

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  1. Reply
    dragonstar01 May 8, 2014

    Such interesting photos! I’m glad you were able to take them.
    Sorry I’m so late visiting 😉

  2. Reply
    Pat May 5, 2014

    Great street shots.

  3. Reply
    Molly May 5, 2014

    wow, it really does look like a bygone era


  4. Reply
    YTSL May 4, 2014

    Had only ever seen handpulled rickshaws in Japan before. They’re a real novelty there – and rides are expensive. The Kolkatta ones look much more everyday!

  5. Reply
    LonettA May 4, 2014

    Wonderful and interesting series! Great job!

  6. Reply
    Karen May 3, 2014

    I love your snapshots of Kolkata…Last year while in Mumbai in April we hit the 44C mark and me and my camera stopped functioning.
    Love the happy face of your aunt arriving!

  7. Reply
    Jerry May 3, 2014

    I couldn’t imagine having to run through the streets in that heat!!!!
    My jiffy shot is posted as well.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Reply
    Monica May 3, 2014

    This must be really hard work in the heat!
    Great series in B&W!

    • Reply
      Ranu Chakraborty May 3, 2014

      Yup it is….. infact it has been banned in most parts. Allowed only in heritage areas of the city

  9. Reply
    HansHB May 3, 2014

    Great b&w serie!

  10. Reply
    eastcoastlife May 3, 2014

    There are still hand pulled rickshaws in other parts of the world?

    • Reply
      Ranu Chakraborty May 3, 2014

      Yups….. there r in some parts of Kolkata as u can see.

  11. Reply
    Deepak (@magic_eye) May 2, 2014

    I thought all hand pulled rickshaws were replaced by cycle rickshaws.. Tough life!

  12. Reply
    MunkyTalk May 2, 2014

    awesome pics!

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