Aiyyyyyyyyyya……….. Aiyyyyyooooooo

 Somethings make a big time change in our lives. They could be real uninteresting paltry things which we would normally ignore yet they can do wonders. In my case a STUPID movie got me back to updating my blog after almost a year.

The movie is Aiyyya and  yes as my tweet said earlier:

 “It is the most torturous thing that has happened to any Indian since Jalianwala Baug” 

If you think I am exaggerating I suggest you brave going and watching it in the theater. I consider myself really very brave. I can watch three Sunny Deol movies back to back without so much a complain and even make myself enjoy it. Not to mention Deepak Parasher and Jeetedra movies (dancing between pots) which I have seen with a smile…….. BUT AIYAAAAAA…….. I suddenly conformed…….. prayed to all the God’s…….. some I didn’t even know…… and prayed for deliverance from my sins. Just so I don’t have to watch anything like this in any part of the rest of my life. Like the precaution that they kept showing all thru the movie at regular intervals :

 “Statutory warning : Smoking is injurious to health”. 

Similarly they should also put in a statutory warning saying:
Watch Aiyyaaa at your own risk”. 
Believe me if it hadn’t been so I wouldn’t have been blogging at 1230 in the night to get that disgusted thing out of my head.

The story is of Meenakshi who lives in a cluttered house by a dumpster and her life stinks as that of the dumpster. But she makes her life beautiful by dreaming of beautiful things like movies. It makes everything alright in her life. The only things that she wants in life is a nice smelling room and a book to read and peace. But she is surrounded by eccentric people. Her family members are eccentric. Dad smokes three cigarettes at one time (therefore the ciggy warning), Grandmother is wheelchair bound and has a full set of gold teeth, Brother a crazy dog lover and mom just wants her daughter married hook or crook. Her co workers drink vodka from a water-bottle…… at work and dance to rowdy Bollywood numbers and swoon over John Abraham’s undies. 
Her life changes with the entry of the sweet smelling Surya Iyer (Prithviraj)…… who she is enamored by. All this happens in the first 10 mins of the movie and the rest of the movie (ie 2 and half hours of freaking time) all she does is SNIFFS (yeah….. like a DOG) her way around the hero, who has no dialogues in the movie. The guy does not even lip-sync in the songs. You wait and wait and wait for him to say something but NAHHHHHHHH…… does he utter a word……….. No!!!!……… and he isn’t even challenged. 
The subtle nuances of the main protagonist of living in chaos and a dumpster and settling for the sweet smelling but not stable hero over the organised and stable could-have-been life partner, are totally lost and not highlighted. I understand that in retrospective if they had handled the story literally it would have been a sad old Sulochana saga but what they actually made it to was ever more sadder………. very very very very very SAD!!!!!!!
After this movie Meenakshi can very easily get the job of a sniffer dog in the police dept. I hear the dogs there are over worked and are planning on retiring. Why would she do a movie like that???? I am still stunned by the audacity of the director to even release a movie like that. The hero, a well known name in South Indian movies, does nothing except walk through streets of Pune and dance to raunchy Hindi-Tamil numbers in Meenakshi’s dream sequences……. displaying his washboard abs and NOT LIP-SYNCING. What is that about???? As far as chemistry goes…….. all I can say is……… has this been part of Ekta Kapoor’s saas-bahu serials, Rani Mukherjee would definitely be playing the role of grandmother to Prithviraj. ( The Hero). Aiyaaaaaa is probably Rani Mukherjee’s Aiyyyooo to the world.
The movie is a fabulous example of execution of a decent plot……… going berserk. Maybe the plot itself was bad and I am trying to save face for the Rs 500 that I spent. All through the movie I kept looking for something nice but I FOUND NAUGHT. Even the popcorn tasted bad. Now I have to watch another movie to get over this one. Hoping this one will be better!!!! “Keeping my fingers crossed”

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    Smita October 15, 2012

    lol! Not that I was planning to watch this as I hate Rani but now will stay awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay even from its songs 😉

    Good to see you back 🙂

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