A JUST world

Since we were kids we have always been told that evil getteth evil and goodness getteth goodness. The nuns dinned that into our brains by repeating it over and over again. At home Ma did the same.

“Never ever hurt any being knowingly and unknowingly”, that was reiterated so many times to me that I believed it. Even if I unknowingly hurt anybody I hurt as I had hurt somebody else. If I knowingly did anything of the sort I wept more than the person I had hurt. Wrong-right black-white are so clearly defined to me that I have no ambiguity about. The grey factors definitely have a shady element but not so shady that they cant be defined.

“Whatever you do right-wrong ultimately cometh right back to you” was another of the things that was dinned into me. BUT all this is true in a JUST world. Is the world really and truly just??? Every day I meet people who hurt others and get away with it. They dont have to pay for it instead they go around hurting more and more people. Why arent they afraid of the same things that I fear. Why do they hurt others???? Dont they have a mirror to answer to??? Is this what they teach their children and if they do what kind of a generation are we going to have…… am I ready to face this new generation????

I get angry…… very angry on people who unconditionally hurt the weak and old for their selfish means. Does something like this pay in the long run??? Why dont these people take on people of their own kind??? I am amazed at the tolerance of the people who take shit from others and dwell on them rather than fighting back. Or is this some kind of “Find fault with yourself rather than with others”. Personally my tolerance levels are really less. When I have been wronged all I want to do is hit back. I dont care about the consequences. I just want to hit right back and when I dont I concentrate all the negative energy within myself and get sick. I guess you dont even have one right answer in the UNjust world.

I wish everything was black and white. Decision making is so easy and I truly wish I lived in a JUST world where everything eventually comes full circle. But it doesnt…..!!!!

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    Romeo Das October 21, 2010

    Really an interesting post. Enjoyed reading it. You write amazingly well 🙂

    Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post – When love calls

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