What a week!!!

Last week was an absolute nightmare for me. It was like a week that wouldn’t end and a week with an absolute collection of things that I felt just wouldn’t stop.

Jethu had an angioplasty. Dad was not feeling well and getting worse and to top it all Hubs got sick. This had my BP hitting a double century. I hate it when anybody is sick. I know that it is a natural thing to happen but somehow I feel deserted. I hate that feeling. Ultimately I made a beeline for home (Pune). “Mulla ki daud masjid tak” kind of thing.

I was totally on the edge for the last few weeks and last week was the ultimate straw. I was on the verge of snapping when work came to the rescue. I truly appreciate the fact that in spite of recession I am able to get some work. Being a free lance consultant it is something I never really expected specially with recession et al. I am playing total turtle and ostrich by totally immersing myself in work right now because if I dont – they will all kill me or I will kill myself in frustration. I do surface at times to scream, howl and play heavy weight and make some real drastic changes in everyday life and then go back to pushing my nose in work. Gym is a thing of the dream.

Positive points were that dad’s reports are all clean and he has reduced the number of kms he walks. He is down to 2 kms from the 8 kms stretch he walks. Hubs has totally stopped eating outside and has promised not to do more of shifts. As for Jethu I think that he is grounded for life. I am really hoping that these positive changes do work and everybody gets back to their former health and they are all healthy and happy.

Today is the start of Basanti Puja. It is the five day Durga Puja that is celebrated in Spring. This is the original Durga puja that was done but legend has it that due to contingencies of battle Rama had invoked the Godess in autumn (akalbodhon)….. so the sharodiya durga puja.

When I was a kid I had no idea of this because being a Probashi bengali and having no inkling to rituals in Bengal I believed that Durga puja was the one that is celebrated in the month of september – October. This year the Basanti Puja is being celebrated in lots of places in Pune. It is the same Puja with all the same customs and rituals……. even the threat of exams for kids. Since living in Mumbai I will not be celebrating the puja but this time when I went to Pune I visited the temple and sat there for hours just to absorb the peace from it surroundings, I saw the preparations for the puja being done. Puja always gladdens my heart.

I just pray to Ma that she gets all my family members back in their former health.

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    Smita March 31, 2009

    Phew! That was some week but glad to know things are getting back in track for you. But seriously I get seriously irritated if things don’t happen the way i want them to and with sickness around you feel dull n depressed.

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