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Mumbai is slowly getting back on its feet. The Home Minister has quit and we have a brand new minister lets hope we have more action than the last time. The Chief minister has actually taken his son and director Ram Gopal Verma for a walk through the Taj for making of his next movie….. can you beat that!!!! of all the insensitivity!!! and R.R Patil has definitely taken the cake by saying that “such small incidences happen” reminds me of the DDLJ dialogue “senorita bade bade sheharo mein choti choti batein hoti rahti hain”….. are these people really really REAL??? Why haven’t these two jokers also resigned??? and in all this where is the Shiv Sena and the MNS !!! is this not an issue happening for the mumbaikars??? It is happening in the land of Shivaji after all. IS ALL THIS DRAMA EVEN HAPPENING FOR REAL !!!! or am I missing something ????

I spent the last weekend watching movies and replenishing my larder. I had given up watching movies specially bollywood for sometime they were getting utter rubbish when some weeks back I dragged the hubby to watch the latest James Bond “Quantum of Solace”. I loved Bond doing all the car chases…. even my very reticent hubby drove back home from the theatre as if he was driving in something like the movie. It was like all the the stuff that I had forgotten came back and we ardently went back to watching movies. This weekend we saw Dostana and Dasvidaniyan back to back. Hubby and me hate watching rona dhona movies and so we got both movies the second of which had all comedians in it….. We hoped it would be a fun weekend.

Dostana was Karan Johar stamped all over. It had Abhishekh and John two of the hottest hunks in the WORLD playing gays….. can you even imagine that happening for real. It was a fun movie….. I especially liked Kiron Kher at her very brief role…. she was the best. I hated Bobby Deol….. he was like a stuck up bone in your throat that choked you and something that you could not get rid of. The movie was light hearted and fun. It also had a scene where John and Abhishekh actually KISS that was……. something !!!!

We were very excited to watch the next movie because it had all the comedians that you have ever heard of in it. It promised to be fun. Dasvidaniyan in some language….. probably Russian means “goodbye”. The main protagonist vinay Pathak having a very boring life living in Mumbai who gets up in the morning makes a to-do list then travels by rickshaw then train then bus to finally reach office and then works hard and then reaches back home to his mother who is a fan of all the tele-serials put together and who is deaf. He comes to know that he is dying and he makes his last to-do list and then gets about completing it. The movie was not at all funny. In fact it was really a very very big rona dhona blockbuster with all the comedians in the film industry…… all of them playing serious extremely serious roles.

The movie made me cry a lot!!! I hate movies where i have to shed tears!!! they are really wasted. But this is amazing the director or the producer whoever has conceived the movie has actually got all the comedians together under one roof and made a serious movie with all of them. But the to-do list did make me perk up my ears and I really wanted to write about that.


1. Fly….. I want one week of flying not in a tin ka dabba but actually flying with wings et al. Paragliding, hot balloon, parachuting etc etc…..

2. I want to spend every night for one week with all five elements fire, wind, water, sky, earth…… how you may ask…… very simple….. seven nights on the beach with a bon fire in front of me…… alone or with hubs!!!

3. One week with hubs where i don’t have to do any work or sight seeing or computers or cell phones or books or relatives or friends….. or anything…… just talk to him….. I love doing that. I could easily club points 2 and 3 together.

4. One weekend with my family only five of us – dad, ma, and we three sisters. The husbands and kids can take care of themselves and I want to cook for them. I have never ever done that….. yeah may be made a dish or two but not whole meal…. being the youngest does have its pitfalls….. nobody in my family can imagine that I can cook….. they probably think that I have very good neighbours who feed Rajdeep. When they come to my house they very naturally take over my kitchen. I don’t mind !!! I love them and I know they do too and they probably think that I am useless in the kitchen!!!

5. I want to see snow…. I have never seen that!!! and make a snow man.

6. I would like to meet ALL my friends together. I mean friends from school, college, work, otherwise etc etc

7. I have hurt some people in the past….. some of it was my mistake….. the others was probably theirs but i did not rectify it that was my fault…. I would like to do that and try to make them understand my point of view even if they hate me after that…… they already do so nothing really bad can come out of it.

8. Like the protagonist in the movie I would like to learn to play a string instrument either guitar or sitar.

9. I would like to go to Egypt and see some mummies and Pharaohs.

10. Like to sing like before….. wherein I am able to sing everything from classical to rock to bollywood numbers.

and partiality since it is my blog i get one extra one….. NO U DON’T!!!

11. I would like to grow my own herb garden in pots if need be…. I just cant seem to grow coriander and some other stuff like that they always die on me….. I would like to grow some herbs.


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    Pradip Biswas December 3, 2008

    You may get all your 10 things by one masterstroke. Wish one good dream to come. Upon fulfilment the dream shall show you the panaroma of events of the 10 things. I only wish one thing in my life, get rid of the dreams. Because follwing the dream I got to sit and once again listen to the dictations of the characters met in dream and write. I only wish one thing in my life no dictations, whispering and protests by the characters, let me write freely. Till now I could not write a single thing like that.

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    hitch writer December 1, 2008

    Top Ten :

    1.) Be able to fulfill my mom’s wish of travelling Abroad and where ever she wants without worrying about money … I know she wants to but doesnt say so… (I am proud to be mama’s son)

    2.) Own a house in Manali and live there with my wife and my kid and my mummy, pappa, brothers.

    3.) Be able to sit in the Indian cricket team’s dressing room and experience what goes on.

    4.) Visit Jim Corbett national park in July and be allowed to move in the forest on foot and camp for a month on my own.

    5.) Go to Lake superior in Canada and hunt a moose and eat it… With beer ( I dont drink but i will do it once, i dont hunt either but once i will)

    6.)By a new 4×4 and drive from Bharuch to Kargill, Drass, Batalik, Padum, Leh, Ladakh, Sarchu, Siachen, Dharamshala, Manali, Rekong Peo also the two states i love Uttranchal & Arunachal… (me driver – my wife navigator) only two of us…

    7.) Learn to swim.

    8.) For once i want to be drunk, so drunk i dont know what i am doing… (drinks taste really awful though)

    9.) I want to be sought after… I want people trying to meet me, know me etc…

    10.) I want to play with international cricketers and judge how good i am…

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    Ranu December 1, 2008

    but what would be your top 10 on the to-do list…. well I liked it because i do the same thing make do lists every day.

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    hitch writer December 1, 2008

    I saw the movie dus vidaniya yesterday… i cried throughout the movie… although must confess i generally cry very easily while watching movies.

    Thought the scene when he proposes Neha Dhupia by dumb charades was the best…

    Its like a story of all of us, compromising every day in small things and waiting for joy some day??? when that day will come dont know…

    so the news that the guy is going to die after 3 months is in fact a blessing… aint it…. wouldnt that be great… to go out and spend all my savings in 3 months… and live life fulfilling desires…. Without worrying about the future…

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