Things that amaze me!!!

It is generally a very difficult thing to stump me. I am usually non-stumped. I generally never get SHOCKED. But the other day something happened that I had my mouth open……… staring…… wide eyed…… extremely wide eyed.

I am not much of a cook but I love watching cookery shows. I love watching the passion of food on the faces of the people cooking them or the way they manipulate ingredients to create masterpieces. I have grown up watching Sanjeev Kapoor creating lovely dishes. I am a vegetarian by choice but I really love watching Kylie Kong’s passion for food, or Nigella’s orgasmic satisfaction when she tastes her own creations and the likes.

Since coming to Singapore I have had a lot of time on my hands so catching up with all these people is amazing. I also hit upon a channel that is totally into cookery shows. As I said I grew up watching Sanjeev Kapoor cooking and love watching ingredients usually displayed out in small little quantities in a wide array of colours on the table.

The shows have lately gotten more better. These days we have chefs getting fresher ingredients from the garden. First it was only the herbs but now it is really fun to watch the chef plucking all his produce before he cooks them…… it is quite exotic for people like us who usually get all their ingredients from the refrigerator. In fact I haven’t seen most of the vegetables growing on the plants. I even find it ok to watch the shows which cook exotic meat like octopus, exotic fish, squids etc…… all of which usually come out of the refrigerator.

There is one particular show which has the chef cooking exotic desserts with fruits and berries and milk that he gets himself from the trees, shrubs and cows respectively. So the other day amidst all this there was this episode where the chef has a boar on the menu. You usually hope that she will get the meat from the cold storage and start cooking it.

So what would you say when she actually picks up a gun and walks out. I had my eyes popping out!!!! She goes out and hunts down a boar and then cooks it all the time talking about fresh succulent meat that will melt in your mouth!!!! She said all of this as she was dragging the carcass home.

Thats it……. I am off the channel. I can palate somebody eating and cooking animals but actually hunting down an animal for dinner is DISGUSTING!!! I rather prefer all of the ingredients coming from the cold storage. Watching people fishing and then cooking their fish is still ok but killing a wild boar for dinner…… I have reservations on that…….. quite insensitive!!!!!

If I wanted to watch animals getting killed I would watch Discovery where the deer that we have been watching at its habitat for the last one hour eventually gets eaten by the Tiger who has been on the prowl. It reminds me of the reason I gave up non vegetarian in the first place.

I miss Maneka Gandhi!!!!

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    Sucharita Sarkar April 12, 2010

    That sounds yucky, even to a hardcore non-vegeterian as myself!

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