The Movers and The Packers!!!

Its been such a long time since I actually sat down and wrote. One of the longest blog sabbaticals since I started blogging.

Life for me has been too unpredictable this last year and the last few months have been total roller coaster ride with Hubzz…. so much that we don’t even dare plan the next meal lest it goes awry again….. just taking life as it comes.

So many things have happened that organizing all the the events and putting all of them to a logical order is going to take a lot of time. For the present I am home back to Pune……. not visiting this time but we actually moved….. LOCK STOCK and BARREL. The dreaded 2009 ended with me totally uprooting myself from Mumbai….. back home to the land I was born and grew up……. yet strangely it feels so unfamiliar….. When I think of home these days, it is my home in Mumbai which i so painstakingly created that I think of. Here living in a rented apartment…. very close to Ma and all my family it seems different. Things have changed so much here. At times I have to remind myself that this is where I grew up.

On my short trips to Pune which usually lasted for a day or two things were different but actually living here is much more different….. you interact on a more baser level your entire perception is totally different now. So what was that that I longed to come to…… A MIRAGE???

Packing and unpacking has been a terror. The movers and packers truly moved my life…… they moved me to TEARS!!! My whole life was packed in 15 cartons and 84 packages. The memories of my life in Mumbai…… I haven’t counted!!! I have collected so much junk over the past decade both material and emotional that putting all that out of my life is going to be an effort…… the cleanliness and organizing freak in me is crying out with joy but also making me burn innumerable candles in all the ends not to mention my arthritic hands and legs which scream out now and then but now I have learned to ignore the pain. For me I just have to scream out and my whole family will be here organizing things for me…… but ten years on my own I am resisting the urge. I am finally kindof organized and even have internet which is the last stop at kindof organized.

The weather here is a JOY!!! I had totally forgotten what winter was all about. Its like an unending holiday. The first week I shifted I was wearing a sweater all day. Now I just smile…… I have longed for winter for years now I finally have it!!! In Mumbai it is only the one glorious hour in the morning that reminds you that it is winter and if you have overslept….. you have missed it.

It was very painful to leave my home. I had created it brick by brick and the last few years it was my haven and my joy. It wasn’t well endowed like the museum pieces we see in the magazines but it was cozy and most important it was mine. When the Packers moved out it looked totally bare and forlorn. I could not help but mourn about it. But the last year has taught me that looking back will only cause you pain. So I chinned up and walked out promising my home a better tomorrow as I promised myself the same.

Moving my bike to Pune was a JOY….. nope that is an understatement it was pure unadulterated BLISSSSSS!!! After years I again drove down all alone to Pune from Mumbai. Since I got sick just managing my hands and legs was an effort so driving all the way to Pune from Mumbai was pure bliss. It was like as if I got back my freedom and I could fly again……. nothing in life compares to the happiness I felt while tackling the ghats. I wont get into similes and metaphors but just that after years I felt that my clipped wings had its power again. Traveling in Mumbai locals i used to feel like the chicken in their coup before being slaughtered. The solo drive back home on my bike was HEAVEN like the flamingos. Of course I did have Hubzzz on my tail continuously giving me “INSTRUCTIONS” but since he was in the tin ka dabba…. alias CAR….. it was not difficult to lose him or the cell just not working :-D. I am a veteran at two wheelers……… I don’t need instructions!!!!

All in all the move is good!!! I meet Ma and Pa EVERYDAY…… and now I can celebrate all functions and festivals with my family. I don’t need to call my sisters just drop in on them. I spend quality time with Hubzz (his place of work is only 10 mins away unlike the three local train changes and two and half hours one way in Mumbai) and Parents and my sisters and nieces (I had forgotten what it was to be the youngest in the family) and most important I am HOME…… where I belong!!!

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  1. Reply
    colorado springs movers June 22, 2012

    I like your writing. Like to read more of your articles containing your memories and experiences.

  2. Reply
    nsiyer February 7, 2010

    Amazing! Nice memories and all the good luck for a great life in Pune. Pl. write more often.

  3. Reply
    Ranu February 4, 2010

    @ Kavi : Thank you very much!!!

  4. Reply
    Kavi February 3, 2010

    All the very best to you to grow and do well! Being close to your parents is something that is a wonderful thing for you !

    Enjoy and have fun.

  5. Reply
    Ranu February 3, 2010

    All the best…… You will definitely need it man!!!!

  6. Reply
    hitchwriter February 3, 2010

    wanted to take her… but i m going much earlier… she has a course to attend and hriday has school to attend.. 🙁

    I have to do it alone.. unless some friend volunteers !

  7. Reply
    Ranu February 2, 2010

    @ Smita : You are so right. It is definitely as you said my perception of the city that i left almost a decade ago. Will soon dig my roots again here.

    Hopefully will more regular on blogosphere.

    @Suranga : Thank you so much!!! You brought back so many memories!!! I hope they still sell ganne ka juice near chitale bandhu….. already had harbhara….. infact hubzz had it for the first time on and he says…. “THIS is chane ka jhadd”….. revelation indeed!!!

    @Dhir: Good for you man!!! I know you’ve been wanting to go back for a long time!!! Your Ma will be happy….. mine is.

    All the best with the drive but i suggest you take Hetal along. Its more fun together not to mention the back will get a respite when she drives.

  8. Reply
    hitchwriter February 2, 2010

    and guess what… I m planning to drive my Honda Dio.. (call it phut phuti) down to Bharuch alone… its about 500 kms.. !

  9. Reply
    hitchwriter February 2, 2010

    Oh my god.. you shifted !!!!!!! to PUNE of all places… !!!!!!!

    guess what I m shifting to Bharuch of all places… !!!!!!!!!!!! next month… near Ma !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Reply
    Ugich Konitari February 2, 2010

    Welcome home ! (from a pucca puneite who still must live in Mumbai. Do go have a wonderful ganne ka juice near Chitale Bandhu in the city , on my behalf ….) And yes, enjoy those leafy bunches of raw harbhara (fresh green chana)…..

  11. Reply
    Smita February 2, 2010

    I too hate moving out of my comfort zone 🙂

    But am sure that drive must have been heavenly! I still remember when I was in Ahmedabad I used to go for a drive on the highway! I miss the touh of wind on my hair & the feel of freedom!!

    With so many advantages running for it am sure you will very soon settle down in Pune!!! The disillusionment you must have felt after actually coming there would stem from the fact that city’s change but our image of it doesn’t and it takes time to adjust to the new face of it 🙂

    Hope u r back full time now 🙂

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