The Learning curve!!!!

I recently read somewhere that every incident in your life is supposed to increase the length of your learning curve. Sometimes it is to give depth to your character or sometimes to give it strength, sometimes it is so that you can appreciate what you have or give a certain direction to your life. Some people believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that it will happen to us only because we can handle it. It is all about the so called learning curve and its length. It is all about “what do you learn from it??? “

As for me I have a particularly LONG learning curve……….. like everybody else, only at times I feel mine is way off the actual graph and I would really like it to remain within the realms of my life and most importantly I would like it to stop growing for sometime and I would like to vegetate for sometime. I wish the curve would stop being so steep. It is more of a vertical line up than a curve. I would really and truly like to stop taking life seriously for sometime and just CHILL and wake up someday without a schedule or an agenda or a to-do list.

Every time I feel I am through with the thing some new thing overlaps the existing dilemma. Also incidents in life are supposed to teach you things and once you have learned them, they are supposed to pass or we are supposed to learn new things. I have seriously had enough learning this past year……… enough for a lifetime. I wish it would just stop……. I have seriously had enough……… I have a very long freaking learning curve……… I don’t need more!!!!

How about me learning some good and nice things for a change???


If wishes were horses……………….!!!!

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    Kavi November 4, 2009

    Learning is lifelong. And perpetual indeed !

  2. Reply
    Smita November 3, 2009

    Life is a learning girl!!!

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