Teardrops glisten on the lashes
come torments down
then, blinked back
I heard you are leaving my love
Go!!!…. I shall not hold u back
since nothing lasts

Love is a pure four lettered word
One who indulges in it
is nothing but a fool
But oh!!!… to be a fool at times
and extremely happy

I too was a fool
but now have come back to normalcy
the mundane routine of life
devoid of the pleasure of the wating to meet
the sighs of parting and the thrusting word that pains

All I say is be happy
But dont come back to me
Since i may not be able
to bear the pain of a second parting

Teardrops gushing down like a waterfall
I can hold it back no more
Go!!!…. please leave me alone
to gather my pride
and the remaining shreds of my dignity

What do i have left with me,
nothing but glistening Teardrops…….

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