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Today is one of the “first times” day of my life….. why???? Well, I held an exam for the first time in my life. I not only set the paper and took the role of the invigilator but now I am also going to be examining the papers……. (top secret: please do not reveal this but I have already got somebody to volunteer for that role……….. hubby!!!! In return I make his favorite dessert. He does not yet know about it but I think he will be happy with the honour bestowed on him…… read the dessert……. for all of you who are right now frowning and causing wrinkles on their foreheads……. I was kidding OK!!!).

Honestly guys you all should try it. It is absolute fun. Nothing can beat the feel of the POWER. The kids were so scared of the paper that it was so funny and I was so thankful that I was not in their shoes. They looked at me as if I was a kasai /hangman. Man it just beat all the times I beat up guys. I should have just befriended their teacher and got them beaten or got them some real difficult papers. Honestly, I now now know why people want to become teachers….. exams are their perks. I always wondered!!! It was so much fun to tell them “five minutes left”…….. “two minutes left” and I got to see even the otherwise absolutely placid student….. who find it difficult to even move…….. actually move their fingers and writer faster. Man I tell you!!! this is better than anything I ever did in the corporate world. It is always fun torturing people (No, I am not a sadist)

I come from a family of teachers. Both my grandparents were teachers. My paternal grandfather was the headmaster of the school he started (today it has classes up to the tenth standard) in which my maternal grandfather taught. My father supported his education from his tenth standard by taking tuition’s and Ma has loved teaching small children all her life. My second sister has been a teacher and has taught for years. I was the only person in the whole family who has never had any inclination whatsoever to ever teach.

When I was in college I was a PEST (in caps and bold) so much that the teachers used to tell me that they will give me attendance for not attending. In class I always sat next to the window and when the teacher had taken the attendance we would jump off the window……. we rarely used the doors. During sanctuary we would sneak off to nala park by climbing over the wall to the other side (inlaks budhrani hospital). I always thought that teaching was my “payback time”. I would have to face all the kinds of stuff I did to my teachers when I was a student. In my other experiences I never really had to hold exams, that was usually done by the other regular teachers and since I only took supplementary lectures it never came to me. But man this was fun. The kids were really ghisoing their pens in the end. I wish I could take a picture of them doing that……. but then I thought that that would be mean (seeeee even I have feelings).

While pulling their papers from them……. and they having the scared, “please don’t take it from me”, kind of look and me still taking their paper and me telling them that the time was over…….. the only feeling that can be described is………… Bliss!!!!

I cant wait for the next test!!!!

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    nsiyer February 1, 2009

    I too teach. These are the best hours spent and I have seen after the lecture, adrenaline rushing within me.
    If you get the time and have the inclination, do visit my blog.

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    varunavi January 28, 2009

    Hey congrats on setting the paper. show some mercy on the kids while correcting the paper

  3. Reply
    hitch writer January 28, 2009

    taking tests must be fun, as long as u dont have to give tests they should always be fun…

    Be liberal and give good marks to the kids !!!

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