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Flower 142 Rouge, Pink Rain lily

Last week we had a huge storm cyclone and torrential rains. Though it lasted only for a few hours the howling wind put the fear of “Winds” in all of us. As the wind howled and screamed at our windows threatening to break the glass, my little daughter snuggled into my lap and stayed put the whole day. What came out of the awful storm was lot of fairy tales and stories woven by my little daughter’s awesome imagination and this beautiful Pink Rain Lily whom we have named Rouge. Another first bloom for me !

This is such a pleasant surprise for me as I had totally forgotten which color bulbs I had got. I am always amazed by these awesome natural events like the May flower, which blooms every year in the month of may without fail. All year round it shrivels with no leaves or flower but come May a leaf sprouts out and out comes the most beautiful flower. Another of this awesome natural events is the rain lily which blooms every time it rains. No matter how much you water it from different water sources and creating different rain scenarios, (I have tried it all) it blooms only when it rains from the sky. I wonder how  it knows the difference.


Flower 141 Rain Lily


This is varsha my first rain Lily who finally made an appearance for the first time since I planted her a couple of years ago. Bulbs I had got online from And what an appearance, She grew in so quietly I never even noticed. We had some sudden storm and rains and there she was!!!! In all her glory. It was one of those blind purchases where i forgot what color rain lily bulbs I had got. Such a pleasant surprise.

The c19 pandemic has caused havoc all over the world. We have been in lockdown since the last three months now. It has caused our life to pause, a big comma. The silver lining in this really dark cloud is that there has been a drastic decline in the pollution levels and that has caused a horde of bees to visit my garden. That and the low pollution has caused all the flowers to bloom at an alarming rate. Plants that were totally forgotten and written off are now flowering and flourishing. Proves there is a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Lets pause and smell some beautiful roses!!! Stay safe all !!! God bless!!!


Flower#116……..Blooms From my garden


Flower#114….. Blooms from my garden

Flower#113……. Blooms from my garden.

Flower#112……. Flawless creation of nature….. Blooms from my garden

Flower#111…… Rose…… Blooms from my garden

Hands that can change your life…… New Flower in my garden.

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