song of the heart

Song of the heart

Oh my love!!!
This is the song of my heart for you
You brought love in your words and in your eyes
I felt the words of love in your eyes and fell for you
You promised to be with me
and share all my the joys and sorrows

Oh my love!!!
I loved you with all my heart
But what did you give me….. only tears???
My eyes fill with tears thinking of the past days
The days of our love which was like a dream
And really it turned into a dream
As i slept and got up with the dream

Oh my love!!!
I’ve waited for you and my eyes are searching
But in vain because i know that you’ve forgotten
You don’t love me anymore
My heart is full of sorrow

My heart says you will come
but I know that day will never come
You showed me the path of love
now show me the path to forget you
It is you who showed the life of love
Wating for you my days and nights are gone in vain
but i know its no use

Oh my love!!!!
hear this song of my heart
long days and nights I bore in pain
wating for you but all in vain
I suffered with courage but down i fell
Suffering till last but never did I tell
My effort to make you mine proved but in vain
but i hope to meet you in heaven again!!!

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