The best part of photographing Sofites is that they don’t crib!!!! Put them anywhere hold them anyway….. take hours putting them in sun or shade…… they don’t utter one cribby word. This is my favorite softie….. (I have lots and lots of them) She looks dumb….. but very cute!!!

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  1. Reply
    pcphotoblog November 27, 2011

    So Sweet, Happy SOOC Sunday

  2. Reply
    Suzy November 25, 2011

    so cute

  3. Reply
    Kati November 24, 2011

    Really love that bunny face! So cute!

  4. Reply
    capturedalive November 24, 2011

    Love it !


  5. Reply
    Bindu Juneja November 24, 2011


  6. Reply
    Jama November 24, 2011

    So soft and hugable!

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