Sister Joanna strikes again…… Sister Joanna hay hay!!!

First of all let me first guide all of you to this link here. This is a news article about my school. It is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Maybe I should say that it is in the news for its elusive principal Sister Joanna!!! Today I am ashamed to belong to this school!!!

As you will have read she has kept back small little girls from classes I to IV after school in a locked classroom. Can you imagine this : small little girls aged 5 to 10 kept in a locked classroom without food, water or bathroom facilities in a locked room because their parents had not paid their fees. Whatever the reason….. it is inhuman for somebody to keep small children locked in school after hours for any reason and that too without the knowledge of the parents.

Most of the children were crying when their parents reached there. This is something like kidnapping for ransom. Maybe I am being melodramatic……. but just thinking that it could have been my niece there sends a chill to my heart. The parents were not even informed that their children are held to ransom when the kids did not reach home the parents came to school to find out and there they found out that their kids were kept back.

Most of the children were lucky to have their parents at home to realize that their kids were not home. Take an instance where both parents are working and they reach home in the evening to find their daughter not home.

How irresponsible can an institution become towards small little girls!!! Aren’t these nuns who run the school supposed to be people of God !!! What happened to that??? They are nuns who teach compassion. They taught us all about compassion, love, forgiveness, solidarity etc etc for 12 years of our lives and this is what they do!!!!

So much for being a person of God!!! Does God want this or does any religion dictate torturing small little girls.

When I was in school Joanna made us pray for all the reasons in the world. We were also denied our tenth standard farewell because Saddam Hussein had killed people…… to add insult to injury………. we were having the farewell ritual of writing on each others backs……. something every year the passing out class did when sister punished us by making us kneel down in front of the whole school in the hot sun. I would like to mention here that we were just some days away from our boards!!! what if we got sick….. we would have lost a year!!!

She was the principal of the school when I was in the tenth standard…… Years later when I went to her for permission to hold a reunion in school. She denied me admission inside the school and kept me waiting at the gates for hours and then did not even grant me an interview……. just flatly refused to meet me.

I would like to draw your attention to another article of times of India. You can read it here. This is something another school in India did as a way of disciplinary action……. wherein they refused to grant promotion to students who were naughty!!!

Couldn’t Joanna have done the same thing???? She could have withheld final exam results or simply not granted promotion. Why hold back small little girls from going home that too when the final exams were on!!!

For the very first time I feel very ashamed about studying in a school where small children are tortured!!! I was always very proud of being a product of a school where three generations have studied. I cant say the same now!!!

I close with a sanskrit saying : vinash kalin vipareet buddhi !!!

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  1. Reply
    Smitha April 17, 2009

    Oh goodness – Can’t believe it!!! It is so shocking to hear this! A 5 yr old or for that matter even a 10 yr old could be phsychologically scarred for life with an experience like this!! How can people behave like this..

  2. Reply
    Ranu March 20, 2009

    @Dhir : they not only exist but they have been haunting small little children for generations!!! I have been a victim of her atrocities so have been lots of other friends of mine….. I even have their testimonials!!!

  3. Reply
    hitch writer March 19, 2009

    such people exist ?? i thought the schools were now terrified of parents who are almost over caring !!

  4. Reply
    Ranu March 19, 2009

    @Varunavi : Yes!!! she has to be mad no other reason explains her actions. I totally know how your’e feeling. I am totally seething with anger!!! It could have been any of my two nieces. They are both in the same school!!!

  5. Reply
    Varunavi March 19, 2009

    Is she mad to do that to the small innocent kids.Nuns are supposed to be very calm natured and this nun is just the opposite of what she should be.What a evil brain yaar,i just can’t imagine a sister doing it

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