Ranjish hi sahi

This week starting the 11th of January to the 17th of January 2009 I will be posting urdu poetry alongwith the translation in English by some lovely poets like Mirza Ghalib, Mir, Faiz, Faraz etc etc. Also will be posting one rubaiyat each day of the great Omar Khayyam. These are very close to my heart and I said earlier there is nothing like poetry to express ones sentiments. Let me know how you love them because you can either love poetry or hate it. I start with a favorite of mine by Ahmed Faraz. It has also been used in a movie will try to find and subsequently post the video. Enjoy!!!

Ranjish hi sahi……!!!

Ahmed Faraz

Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa
aa phir se mujhe chod ke jaane ke liye aa

pehle se maraasim na sahi phir bhi kabhi to
rasm-o-rahay duniya hi nibhane ke liye aa
kis kis ko batayenge judaai kaa sabab ham
tu mujh se khafaa hai to zamane ke liye aa

kuchh to meri pindaar-e-mohabbat ka bharam rakh
tu bhi to kabhi mujh ko manane ke liye aa
ek umr se hun lazzat-e-giryaa se bhi mehruum
aye raahat-e-jaan mujh ko rulaane ke liye aa

ab tak dil-e-khush_feham ko tujh se hain ummeedain
ye aakhari shammain bhi bujhaane ke liye aa

Translation in English!!!

Even though it is anguish, come once even if it is to torment my heart
Come, even if to leave me again

If not for our past association
Come for the sake of the world and the society

Who all should I explain the reason of separation
Come, despite your displeasure, for the world and the society

Respect a little the depth of my love for you
Come someday to placate me as well

Too long have I been deprived of the pathos of longing
Come my love, if only to make me weep again

Till now, my heart suffers from some expectation

Come to snuff even these last candles of hope


Omar Khayyam

Wake! For the Sun, who scatter’d into flight
The Stars before him from the Field of Night,
Drives Night along with them from Heav’n, and strikes
The Sultan’s Turret with a Shaft of Light.

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