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Dhir has tagged me twice!!!

I decided to do at least one today: the Random things about me

First the rules –

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

Now about my list of 25:

1. I am a crazy, eccentric and lunatic person. People who know me will definitely agree. But people who know me will acknowledge that I am tolerable and I still have lots of friends…… In fact I have retained all my friends since childhood till date.

2. I am lazy to the core and love to sleep…… I can sleep for 12 hours at a stretch. (that is my record!!!!)

3. I am a homebody…… though I have spent most of my life outdoors, I could any day wind up everything that is outside for everything that is inside.

4. I was a tomboy in college and used to take great pleasure in being rude and beating up boys!!! (every time I did beat up somebody I spent the next 7 days indoors in fear of being beaten up……… revenge you know!!!)

5. I was average in studies all my life. I love books……. my favorite passion is reading in torch light. When I was little Ma used to put off the lights at night so all of us could sleep but since i never finished what I was reading, I used to read in the torch light under the blanket….. nobody ever found out…… I still do sometimes!!!!

6. I love poetry to the core!!!! but I cant write well myself….. But I appreciate anybody’s attempt to write and encourage them.

7. I love music….. I am a classical singer……. spent my whole growing up years training for it…… but I hate classical concerts and get bored hearing the same alaap again and again…… I lose the drift of the raag….. sometimes I cant even recognise one raag from the other!!! but I love drupads and taranas.

8. I am totally organised……. so much that it is a disorder!!! If I am given to do something which is not in my schedule I go bonkers!!!! For eg: unexpected visitors I get totally flustered!!! but scheduled ones: I can serve a seven course meal within two hours from scratch.

9. I also have a major cleanliness disorder. You have no idea how bad it was!!! I have majorly tempered it down and don’t really lose it when things are bad.

10. I am short tempered to the core!!! Well that is a family trait so I cant really be held responsible. But again I have got that under control….. these days I lose my temper once or twice a year!!!! and that too when the person in front of me is very irritating!!! Incidentally I broke all of Dad’s dining table chairs in an anger frenzy!!!

Once a friend of mine proposed to me saying “I know about your temper tantrums and If we get married I will make all the furniture in the house of granite!!!” can you believe that…… I didn’t marry him ofcourse!!! How patronising can one get!!!

11. I love painting……. but man…… the day I paint I don’t do anything else!!! no sleep….. no eat and get very irritated when somebody asks me to do anything else. I can paint for days together with little or no sleep!!!

12. Whew!!! Finally reached the half mark!!! So much of thinking to do!!! I told you I am lazy….. I hate dancing….. I am too self conscious!!! When I was a kid I did a couple of shows but it was an ordeal to teach me!!! I pity the dance teachers. But I am fabulous behind stage. I can put together a whole show totally effortlessly. I helped Dad in both my sisters weddings. To the extent that Dad handled the things outside (like negotiations etc) while we did the work inside (Ma and me). In my own wedding I was giving instructions for everything. In the wedding video it is hilarious to note the amount of talking I am doing….. telling where what is and what all left to be done and how to go about it.

13. I signed my passport police enquiry with mehendi on my hand. I mean I was scheduled to get married the day after and had mehendi on my hand, which i must mention was wet and I signed the papers with all that!!! some shagun!!!

14. I never ever acted on stage. Once I was a tree!!! No dialogues….. nothing !!! Only wear a green dress with a branch of leaves and ginger bread and fox ran around me!!! That itself was quite a lot. Can you believe it that I never ever sang in school….. nobody even knew I could sing in school while during that time I had topped in music and was at my best!!!

15. I come from a very religious family but my own values of religion are very different. I don’t believe in rituals. My belief in God is quite strange and different. I have conversations with Gods but I never believe in idol worship kind of mixed!!! but my belief in Baba and the Sarada mission is something that I have unfaltering belief. It is only this belief that has made me bounce back on very bad days…… even when I waited out of the ICU for days for loved ones to come back!!! My belief makes me very strong…. so much that I breakdown and come back again with even higher amount of positivity….. like the legendary phoenix. Surprisingly I have a strong belief in Buddhism….. I think that it is a great religion!!!

16. I am a self made person. You will rarely find me quoting others. Though I lived a very sheltered and protected life, I never took it for granted. I started working very early in life…. 16 and have been working and supporting myself since then….. though I had amazing parents and never had to do it. My Dad and Mum never ever took one penny from me….. thus removing any kind of financial responsibility from me. But I worked because it taught me many things and my confidence has always been boosted by it. My views are work of trials and errors…… mostly errors!!! I have an amazingly long learning curve.

17. I hate eating: My fantasy is that one day medical science will come up with a way of inventing pills which will last the whole day and I will never have to eat!!! Though I cook, I can never tell the difference…… unless it is chaat!!! Hubs is a total foodie…… so I cook for him…… I am good but I have to tell you I hate cooking as well!!!

18. I am awfully sensitive and can start crying at the drop of a hat!!! very bad I must say!!! I even cry when I see a rondu serial!!! movies etc etc. Lots of people have taken advantage of this nature of mine and I have been emotionally blackmailed lots of times!!! I am definitely smarter now!!!

19. Most of the times I seem totally lost that is because I am busy organising or into some kind of calculation. I could be in a meeting where somebody is talking and I am appearing to be listening but I am busy calculating my next move by the way I hate meetings as well. I find them a waste of time…… where one man keeps raving and ranting about something and the others listen….. I hate one sided conversations as well!!!!

20. My favorite subjects in school were maths and science. I did better than average in them in the boards but opted for commerce.

21. Most people don’t understand me!!! Actually I can count the people who do understand me on my fingers….. very few!!! It used to bother me in the beginning but then I got out of that and it does not bother me anymore. I just don’t care enough for anybody to bother me!!! and my interpersonal skills in family relations SUCK!!! Apart from my family and few friends nobody really know me….. people who do, don’t let go of me !!! I am nice!!!

22. I am the best of friend!!! All my friends are hand-picked. I can bring out the best and the worst in anybody. I am loyal to the core….. almost dog like kind of loyalty!!! you wont get away by saying anything rude about my friends and family!!! I am very very protective!!!

23. I am a rebel!!! so much that Ma always says the opposite of what she wants me to do…. That’s the trick!!! but it does not work with the others….. does not work with hubs!!! I am honest to the point of being rude to people at times.

24. In school I once failed in French and was totally heartbroken that was the first failure of my life and till date last!!! In tenth boards I got marks in the 80s… I topped in French in my twelfth class in my college…. whopping 90s!!!!

25. Lastly though there are lots of people who absolutely hate me specially M, I don’t really think that I am really bad person. I cant tolerate anything wrong and don’t ever compromise with my ideals in life…… hey I am also quite unsuccessful in certain aspects of my life……. but I am happy even with the mistakes I made in life….. I guess at the end of the day that is what counts!!!!

Whew!!! finished it at last !!!! I do seem like a fullto narcissist!!! Though the entire web page seems like that of a narcissist!!!

happy reading !!!

I dont really know anybody to tag so as dhir keeps on ranting “Anybody who wishes to take it up……. please do!!!” and please let me know about it!!!!

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  1. Reply
    Ranu February 20, 2009

    @ Smita: Thanks Smita !!!!

    @ Dhir: Why do you think I am paying money to pump iron!!! I wanna get back to beating boys!!! My niece is growing up and already having boy problems and the men in the family are really not ferocious enough!!!

  2. Reply
    hitch writer February 20, 2009

    there goes smita !!

  3. Reply
    Smita February 19, 2009

    ha ha u used to beat boys :)) am proud of you girl…

    Had fun reading this 🙂

  4. Reply
    hitch writer February 19, 2009

    lol !

  5. Reply
    Ranu February 19, 2009

    touche (with an accent on the e) I did not want to hurt your feelings but the biryani was very spicy….. you even put sambhar masala in that and chaat masala and garam masala!!!! that is very very very spicy!!! Spicy food ruins the lining of the stomach causing ulcers which could later get malignant….. so you know avoid spicy food!!! Did not mean anything personal !!! please dont take it personally!!! 🙂 hehehehe!!!!

  6. Reply
    hitch writer February 19, 2009

    and that biryani was fantastic !

  7. Reply
    Ranu February 19, 2009

    @ dhir….. 16 hours !!! man you r GRRRREAT!!!
    If I start eating stuff cooked by you I will need a doctor….. remember your biryani…. just the thought of eating something that will burn the whole lining of my stomach is enough to make me take myself body and soul to the kitchen and do the cooking myself!!! but thanks for offering….. that was real sweet!!!

    @ Varunavi…. thanks !!!

  8. Reply
    Varunavi February 19, 2009

    Hi ranu it was nice reading the post.
    I enjoyed reading it,infact i was about to post my 25th truth and i have tagged u.

  9. Reply
    hitch writer February 19, 2009

    1. I am a crazy, eccentric and lunatic person – I disagree…

    12 hours sleep is not a record… mine of 16 hours is !!!

    Once a friend of mine proposed to me saying “I know about your temper tantrums and If we get married I will make all the furniture in the house of granite!!!” lol…. ha ha…

    I can cry at the drop of a hat too…

    and hey why do you hate eating… may be you need a good cook like me around !! lol…

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