Pollutants are making men effeminate

I just read an article in the Times of India which said that pollution of common chemicals was making men more feminine. It says that the “Male gender is in danger because of pollution”.

Women today are getting so independent and self satisfied that apart from the process of procreation and lifting heavy weights there is not much use for MEN. After the extensive stem cell research it has already been proved that women don’t really need men for the sperms…. because that can be developed from the stem cells itself….. check google for more info. Apart from that I think nowadays there are various ergonomically designed equipment for lifting heavy weights nonchalantly…… so women can do it with as much ease. Are Men as a gender on their way to extinction ??? I don’t want to dwell on the gravity of the issue but more on the fun aspect of it.

Can you imagine a scenario of this nature???

This probably is already happening. That would explain the booming male fashion industry also the male beauty products. Today men spend as much time or maybe more time than their counterparts on their outward appearance. More and more people are showing interest and actually regularly using the wide array of products. It won’t really be very far off when both partners will be actually doing the proverbial act of “fighting over a mirror”

The fact that I can’t honestly get over is that if this truly happens demand for soft toys will increase……. now wouldn’t that be great….. man you can’t see me smiling. It would also explain why men cry so much……… Many of my male friends really cry!!! so much that once they start they just don’t stop!!! It’s like booooohooooooo without a full stop or comma or a semi colon. Even Rajdeep and my Dad…… even something paltry that would actually make you think that probably you missed something somewhere. My Dad for example actually cries so much when he watches movies and even serials…. that is something ekta Kapoor should research on.

Ma totally disagrees with me she says that it is not true. “Men are strong”. I haven’t yet been able to convince her as to their zero and negative emotional quotient. What can I say….. let people live in utopia and be happy…… ultimately that is what counts. I have had loads of my friends really crying rather bawling over really trivial issues.

If the pollution factors really work I guess I would really not have to explain to my dear hubby the difference between pista green / sea green and other green shades. For him it is green and light green…. simple and sweet. It would be such a change to find men actually enjoying shopping and we would not have all those lewd jokes passing about women shopping. I really think that men are color blind. Can you imagine men shopping for hours and women actually complaining!!!

We would probably have a more cleaner city and not have men regularly checking up on their balls in public…. yukkkk !!! That is the most grossest thing that I am sure I will be glad if the so-called pollution takes it’s toll. It would also put an end to men urinating at any place….. Its gross !!! Why do you think the government has opened up sulabh shochalays….. to beautify the city??? Believe me it is not !!! It is an attempt to make the city cleaner because of you people. Have you ever seen a woman do the same ???

I am not into male bashing either but some things changing would really be soooooo nice !!! I would even be able to shake hands with men…… I never do that!!! All in all I think that a little pollution would not be soooo bad !!!

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