People come to my blog looking for weird things!!!

Taking a cue from one of the posts by Suranga of Gappa people come to my blog searching for real weird stuff on google. The highest number of hits comes from people looking for nicknames for bengalis. That is the post that gets the maximum number of hits. People search google for nicknames for their loved ones. I mean nicknames are something that you just give your loved one. There is nothing official about it. You can call your loved one tomato or turnip or bholu or tommy. One nickname for one month. Who cares!!! I mean bengalis are supposed to be the most creative lot and you need google to find nicknames!!! You have people keeping names like Megh (cloud), Brishti (rain), Roddur(sunny) etc and they all sound quite dishy.

There was even one that was looking for a nickname for their boyfriend. Can you beat that!!!!I was really amazed when I actually went down that trail and found a chat site talking exclusively on the names for boyfriends. There was one person who said that since she had too many of them so she just kept one name for all of them. No ambiguity there!!! I wonder whether the person in question ever wondered if all her bf’s were to exchange notes. I wish the thread would continue.

Another one for which my blog really gets hits is the arranged marriage thing. People ask: what to ask a girl in arranged marriage!!! The hits that I got are: questions asked by boys/girls for arranged marriage, what to ask when seeing a girl for arranged marriage etc etc!!! And believe me the number of hits is really huge!!!

Guess people really do a lot of research for arranged marriage or maybe it is a way to get prepared before facing the interview panel. Sometimes people are so weird!!! Man get real!!! You are getting married so go with the flow and ask the girl/boy questions that matter to you like for example “Do you stink???” LOL please don’t take my advise else you will lose the girl or boy in question!!!

I am really in the throes of the stinkiness of maid. My replacement maid really really really stinks !!! I wish I had a remedy for that!!!! As soon as she walks in to my home, the advert of lifebuoy “Tandoorusti ki raksha karta hai lifebuoy” keeps ringing in my ears.

On a serious note (nah I am not serious about this post) you should ask stuff that matter to you like stuff about career and family and kids. Lots of women don’t like kids same in the case of men. Same with career some are over ambitious some are not. Some like shopping some are miserly. You can’t have a healthy marriage where the woman keeps shopping while the woman pinches the pennies or vice versa (usually vice versa).

As far as getting prepared for the interview is concerned just be natural. Just some days back I was doing this quiz on fb of celebrities without their makeup and man I just could not get them all right. Madonna and Pamela Anderson looked weird without makeup. I couldn’t have got that right without the hint. You don’t want the guy to scream blasphemy on the wedding podium!!! so be natural!!!

It is very easy to talk careers. I believe we are all good at it and very comfortable talking career. Stuff like where do you see yourself in 5 years time etc etc. So once you have broken the ice talk hobbies, friends, food, politics etc etc. Then just follow your heart and also the brain. It is not rocket science right!!!!

Hey you don’t have to take my advice on this one but just mentioning – did you know I am soon going to be a great grand mother!!! I actually remembered the fact when I read Sucharita’s blog on aunty no 1. I know all of you will be but me I am already one!!!!

Coming back to the topic: There are people exclusively looking for me. Thanks guys!!! I had no idea I was that important!!!! Feels good!!! As for my name……. yeah there are people looking for the meaning of my name. It is derived from the name Renu meaning pollen. So Ranu would be kind of pollen or something related to pollen grains or grains of pollen. Who knows!!! I lived all my life with the name I kinda like it!!!

As for people looking for the meaning of Miya in Miya Malhar……. the answer is : It is a raga created by Miya Tansen. So the Miya comes from there. At least that is what Prayag says.

Another one that is getting a lot of hits is about appearances. People claim that they really don’t care how they look or in some cases they are confused. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be looking for it in google. Believe me whether or not people accept it people do care how they look and appearances do matter. Whether or not to others but even vaguely to themselves but appearances do matter else we wouldn’t have mirrors or mirrors wouldn’t sell.

PS : I haven’t given the links to the various posts………. give me time…….. currently me is moving in slow motion!!!

And I am loving it!!!!

And please DO NOT take me seriously use your instincts it will guide you !!!

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  1. Reply
    Ranu May 9, 2009

    Ofcourse I don’t but google sends anybody who asks these questions to my blog!!!

    Wonder whether I should do a post on that.

    Tell me do they sue people for giving wrong advice in public forum??? 😀

  2. Reply
    Kavi May 9, 2009

    That is interesting. Do you write about all that stuff ?

    About marriage and questions to ask etc ? That is something that is going to keep me glued to this page


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