My engagement

My engagement

Flip flop came flying the crow
And sat on my window!!!
Just for me to know
Someone’s coming for me
For my beauty and talents to see
And then – Marry if the two parties agree

My heart fluttered with hope,
I ran around the house like a dove,
Evening came – I powdered my face
Wore my garment covered with lace
I tried my level best
And in His hand I left the rest

When the door bell at last rang
My heart began to bang
They were here at last
Seeing them I was aghast

And then I was brought in front of them for scrutiny
Who will fortell my destiny
They looked at me just as the cop would look
At the thief at the sight of money in his pockets,
And then they came up with their comments,
She is dark,
Her pimples have left marks,
Her eyes are too big,
Her face is like a fig,
The gug just as if telling me
I can do nothing in this case

I was like a helpless child
Attacked by the mobs so wild,
At last I heard them say,
Yes we agree indeed,
But they had not stopped indeed,
They had much more to proceed.

What about the dowry part???
How else will she make a fresh start???
Two lakh will do for now,
We will manage it somehow.

I could sense the fear in my parent’s eyes
But they did not inhale any sighs
They still bore a smile on their faces
There was not a sign of sadness in trace
The guy then slipped a ring through my finger
I pretended to be happy though a trail of sadness did linger

All were happy at heart
For I was to make a fresh start
But my heart was still so cold
For I know for how much I was sold
They all went away
Leaving me and my family in disarray

I passed a sleepless night
Disillusioned by my awful plight
I got up in the morning just to resolve,
I am what I am
I am not ready to fall
I prefer remaining cold
Other than being sold

And there flew the ring
My heart was no more sad
It began to sing
Though all felt sorry for me
But I saw no reason as to why they should be
My resolve keeping ringing in my ears
Today i am happily married and have a family of my own
My heart knows how happy I am
cause I was accepted
and not sold.

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