Merlion at night

You can’t go to Singapore and not see the Merlion. It looks quite ordinary in the day…….. A huge lion with a mermaid tail spouting water from his mouth. It is in the evenings with the lights and water and reflections that it looks totally surreal. Initially I used to see it every evening from my hotel room later I spent many evenings taking pics of it from land from water from any place that I could get. This pic is from the boat ride that we took one evening from Clarke Quay. You can kind of understand the height of the Merlion from the pic also the reflections of light in the water are enchanting.

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  1. Reply
    Francisca January 7, 2012

    What an excellent night shot of the Merlion!

  2. Reply
    Gine January 7, 2012

    Joli jeu des couleurs et de l’eau !

  3. Reply
    James January 7, 2012

    Water, lights and reflections at night = awesome!

  4. Reply
    mrs. c January 6, 2012

    You are an amazing photographer! I love your photos and thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I think that your font is so cool, is it one you designed? Have a great weekend!

  5. Reply
    Dorian Susan January 6, 2012

    Such an unique combination, mermaid and lion. Hmmmm. I like view from the water. Everything takes on a new perspective when you can get out on the water.

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