Macaws in Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

I took this pic in Jurong Bird Park. The easiest bird pic to ever take. All I had to do was wait for the bird perched on a tree to scratch…….. something……. anything or do something…….. anything and I snapped…….. thats it!!! EASY!!! Ive never ever had bird pics this easy. Normally I run after them or hide in really scratchy bushes or wait and wait and wait till the damn bird decides to come close and even then most of the shots I get are blurred. Ohhh yeah even climb trees…….. I’m sure that tree was crying in pain.  Whats more this bird came with a tag about its name and lots of other details which in normal circumstances takes me hours to google and still I’m not sure about its actual kind and tag the pic as BIRD……. This was really EASY!!!

Birds are really temperamental and I don’t think they like me much. Most of them do stuff that I want them to do when I have either lowered my camera or looked some place else for a moment. Like that heron washing its prey before eating it……… I never get shots like that. They never do all the nice stuff that others click when I have my camera ready……. and believe me I have been following all the herons around my place……. They must have already tagged me as some creepy character.

I never take pics of them perched. It is so boring that way……. but with them spreading their wings and tucking their legs and flying that is something unique……. totally out of this world. I always wished I had wings so for me that is really something that sets them apart……. they can fly!!!!

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    eileeninmd February 15, 2012

    Beautiful bird! And an Awesome photo.

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