Little mermaid finds her legs!!!

Today I totally and completely know what Ariel (The little mermaid) felt when she finally found LEGS. I am finally (as Sucharita said) DE-CASTED!!!! It is truly priceless having your own legs and walking on them. Today that fairy tale by Hans Andersen has new meaning for me. I actually identify with it.

The doc finally said that my feet were good and I could walk without a cast. When he cut open the cast I was actually staring at my legs when the doc said “Yes they are your feet….. totally yours”. It is actually a relief. The best compliment that I got from the doc was that: “You took good care of it. I didn’t think you would!!!” I couldn’t help smiling and I kept smiling all the way home.

It was a rough path especially with the heat et al but finally in the end I don’t really hate the cast. I discovered a lot of new things about moi and about hubs. I thought that the whole thing will be a total nightmare but it was actually quite the reverse. After the initial setback I actually enjoyed myself – reading, studying and doing all things that I haven’t done in a very long time. I don’t even hate the cast so much. Contrary to what I had decided about having a funeral for the cast and BUTCHERING it. I actually felt no animosity towards it. After all it helped me stand on my own feet. I am actually missing it. It stayed with me day and night for one month……. almost part of me!!! The cast grew on me and contrary to what I thought….. I am missing it!!!!

I think as far as I can remember this was the only actual holiday that I had ALL MY LIFE. No, I am not exaggerating because all my holidays in school and out of it have been work and work and work. Some or the other kind of work. There was always a schedule to follow to live up to and jobs to be completed. Some or the other kind of social talk or stuff like that. This is the first time when nothing was expected of me…….. nothing at all and I could just do what I wanted resultant I actually could do a lot of things that I’ve wanted to do but felt incapacitated to do especially studying.

Most of my friends…… nope all of them called up some time or the other. So I could get back to family and friends and do all the catching up that I wanted. Sometimes setbacks like these make you realize that you have very good friends and family even neighbors!!! I never thought my neighbors even bothered about whether or not I existed…… I was pleasantly surprised.

The best part of the whole episode was that I learnt that the art of forgiving is not beyond me and even I can live in the paradise of sacrifice and I am not such a self obsessed character that I presume myself to be.

As far as hubs was concerned I always thought that I could wheedle him to doing anything but the way the guy put his foot down when I wanted to cut off the cast was simply amazing. I used every ruse in and out of the book to get out of the cast. I cried heart rending sobs, screamed, bribed him, threatened him, everything in and out of the book……… my very strict and usually heartless dad also conceded and told me to get rid of it if it was troubling me that much. He even had tears in his eyes but not hubs he just put his foot down and said that: “the cast would remain”.

Ma and sis were more sweet they kept telling me just one more day…… don’t look at the whole picture just another day and so on and so forth but not hubs. He said the cast will remain for a month so brace yourself and get books to read or do anything but the cast remains. I totally hated him at that time. I have honestly not seen hubs like this before. He is usually very sweet.

The lesson that I learnt from the fracture episode is that I am taking life slowly and steadily and I am not going to let anything get in way of my peace. It is a resolution which I intend to keep. I realized that in my quest for bigger truths I am letting small things get away from me…… not that I am able to complete the bigger picture either. Just another lost case. So I am taking things slowly this time. Believe me when I say that this is going to be one hell of a herculean task for me but not impossible.

As for me right now I can’t still walk steadily and just like Ariel (little mermaid) I have pin pricks every time I put weight on my leg. Legs are really precious!!! The doc has advised another BE-CAREFUL month and still on pain killers also no gymming for sometime.

I am posting a video of one of my favorite songs. I have been humming it since morning…….. hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! It is a very beautiful song!!! So for you “I SWEAR” by John Montgomerry

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    Ranu June 25, 2009

    @ Pankaj: I knew you would like it !!!

  2. Reply
    Pankaj kumar June 25, 2009

    Lovely song. Like that.

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