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Life’s been a bit Topsy-turvy lately……. I know nothing new!!!! As I have mentioned earlier this is just not my year!!! Well pa-in-law has been hospitalized in midst of Aila creating havoc in the state of West Bengal. First it was the CPM being ousted and now the Aila. Did you know that Aila is actually a bad word in Marathi. I was actually quite stunned that the cyclone was called Aila.

Coming back to Pa-in-law, he was diagnosed with multiple complications so he was rushed to hospital in an emergency. On the other front dad and ma continue with their ups and downs on health front. Too much of tension!!! I just don’t like this year. I will be just glad when it is over and all is calm and quiet. I am fed of living on the edge. So much that I have again started dreaming of people dying…… result is insomnia. My insecurities are again surfacing to the point that yesterday I told hubs that I need a vacation all by myself……. alone!!!! I do sound selfish but man I do need a break and especially one where there won’t be phones or people and I don’t have to talk…….. solitude!!! Guess that is just a pleasant and unachievable dream……. far far far from reality!!!

On home front my well earned and deserved holiday seems to be coming to an end. The highlights of it being that I was successfully able to stay away from the computer and television for days at a stretch and I actually got back to reading frivolous stuff after a very long time. By frivolous stuff I obviously mean MB’s. They are so relaxing specially amidst the whole lot of commotion in my life.

I remember when I had sat in front of the ICU for days and nights at a stretch waiting for some answer to the problem, I used to see hordes of people probably with a similar predicament as mine, reading religious books and praying. I was too fraught to even consider doing any kind of reading or for that matter do anything. I left the hospital only once a day to go home for a bath too scared to leave. The rest of the day I just sat and waited and did my accounts of how to get money and from where. I wish they would keep some copies of these nonsensical books there for us to read. There should be more of these stuff in front of ICU’s and in hospital waiting areas.

I know MB’s are not a solution but then I definitely don’t think religious books are a solution either. They just talk in terms of black and white and somewhere you start judging how things came to this and if it was because of you…….. so I personally think that all hospitals should be stacked with joke books and nonsensical books rather than medical journals which make a small itch on your arm sound like skin cancer.

I guess your wondering about the title of the post. Well it is about the Supreme Court judgment last week in which the Apex court of India, the supreme court of India acknowledged the key to marital bliss is to listen to the wife. Nothing new but apparently wife holds the key to happiness and marital bliss. Even supreme court judges agree to that.

Most men I meet these days are cool with listening to their wives and I honestly foresee no threat to anybody’s masculinity considering the fact that of late a lot of researchers think that the entire male species is on the verge of extinction…… that is what these two reports say!!! you can read them here and here. Two very interesting articles that I found rather amusing last week. I am definitely not going to justify the SC’s stand because I see no point. The writing is loud and clear on the wall and very aptly so.

Will close for the day hopefully back soon and hopefully have something different and cheerful and happy to say than just sickness and depression and negativity and pessimism.

We all hope for a better tomorrow don’t we????

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    Kavi May 28, 2009

    Best wishes for your pa-in-law ! And the best thing about the darkest that, it also has 60 minutes only !

    Take care. And all the best.

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