Law of nature

“Whatever goes up…… comes down”. That is the law of the nature……….. the law of gravity……….. something most people who are on the top…….. forget. It took apples for Newton to realize……. I wonder what it will take for others to realize the same.

There is a proverb in bengali saying “Ghute pore gobor hashe” Artharth : the Cow dung cakes are burning and the cow dung is laughing. You can distinguish your friends from your foes. This law is amazing because at times though it is testing it can amazingly churn you up totally and get the best or the worst of you. Sometimes I am immensely hurt at others I am amazed, but it does get a reaction from me. I get to meet amazing people these days who come up with so many advices and ideas and their eyes and body speak only one thing………. “thank God its not me”!!!! hypocrites I tell you!!!! not because I am not on the top but because I have been there and done that but never did this…….. It’s not a case of perception but these days the intuition is also working overtime. I am usually right. I try to stay away from them.

Be it life…… or object everything that goes up eventually does come down and usually on your way down you do meet all the people whom you met while climbing up. The point here is that on your way down can you look them in the eye and still smile and most important will they smile back at you. I know a lot of people who could not look me in the eye on their descent.

Fortunately for me a lot of people are smiling back which makes me an okay kind of person…… I think. The others……. I don’t care about them which brings me to the second law of nature…… “whatever goeth…… cometh back“……. I call it the law of boomerang!!! I think that hurts the most. Again fortunately for me I still able to stand up…….. without falling but most people I know can’t face their own failings. I mean how can you put others through things that you yourself can’t go through??? Rules are different for different people eh??? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”……… what happened to that ????? Forgot about that???

Third law…………. “law of uncertainty”. Now that is the deadly one!!!! I can’t beat that one even with all the positivity that I can muster (I don’t have much of that) and I am mighty scared of that one. It has the potential to undo everything that you have done.

Lots more but these are the prime ones plaguing me these days. The only difference is that the black and white world does not exist anymore……… just all the rainbow colors…….. all of them!!! right now it is SEA BLUE

Ending with this song……… why????……………. isn’t it a lovely song???? enjoy!!!!

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    Smita October 26, 2009

    You know even I have this habit of passing on a smile even to strangers as I feel that there is no harm in being our usual self 🙂

    Nice post!!!

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