Karla caves

Karla caves are located in Lonavala in the middle of Pune and Mumbai on NH4. They are a series of Buddhist rock cut cave shrines located in the hills. The walls of the caves have Buddhist paintings are carvings. For more info check here. We went there in the rains and were lucky to witness a lot of small springs of water which had sprouted from all sides. The hill also houses the Ekvira temple which is holy to many sections of the Maharashtrian community.

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    Sylvia K January 10, 2012

    What terrific captures, Ranu! It is indeed interesting and amazing that there is a temple inside the caves! Fascinating! Wonderful post for the day! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Reply
    Luna Miranda January 10, 2012

    this is quite interesting. it’s amazing that there is a temple inside these caves. i love your photos.

  3. Reply
    Andrea January 10, 2012

    Hi Ranu, those monasteries are incredible, carved in rocks. They are like the Rock tombs in Lycia, Turkey or those in Cappadocia. Do you know how old are they? Do people still allowed to enter them now?

  4. Reply
    ladyfi January 10, 2012

    Great pictures of these amazing caves!

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