Just another day 2 (poetry)

hey there !!!

Yesterday’s work-out session left me totally drained so much that I had to resort to analgesics to sleep. Oblivion came much much later at 1:00 in the night……. that’s when hubs finally returned. Since both of us seemed to be burning the candle in both ends……. and I have the option to take it slow…… I decided to do just that. I am taking a holiday today and going to do fullto chilling today. Hubs is working for more that 18 hours these days. He only comes home to sleep…… not to my liking I must say…….. so I am getting him to take a break as well…….. that will be on Mahashivratri. I will be fasting that day.

Yesterday, at the gym, there was this lady who works out with me…… she is older…… around fifties. She refused to do shoulder press because her biceps were getting hard. I mean thats the reason why we are all there. The way she said it, had me in complete splits. I could not stop laughing whole of yesterday. Even yesterday when I was relating the incident to hubs I was laughing in spite of both my heads throbbing (that’s what it felt that I had two heads).

Poetry……. you can either hate it or love it. I have rarely seen people be indifferent to poetry. Poetry is the language of the soul…….. it comes from the heart to rest in your soul until you attain the feeling of bliss. I know a lot of people who absolutely hate poetry so much that when you mention the word itself it gives them the jitters. A very good friend of mine was just that. How much ever I tried to make poetry interesting to him…… it just would not make sense to him. I would recommend all the best of poetry ever written to him but naaaah I could not change his ideas about poetry.

As for me I used to dabble in poetry when I was in college. In fact, the inspiration for romantic poetry would come to me in the most unromantic of situations…… for eg I wrote some of the best bits in Nanwani’s (whom we had nicknamed Dragon) business Administration lecture. I am not so good though……. but like to write. These days I have lost it. I cant see anything poetic around me so I resort to the likes of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Shelley. I find them more satisfying than anything I have ever written…… I even have a blog totally dedicated to everything that is pink and rosy in life.

The reason I am raving and ranting about poetry is that yesterday I was teaching my kids poetry appreciation and man it was the most disgusting experience at first, with all of them yawning and almost going off to sleep……. so I tried to hit on their nerve with romance…… Shakespeare…….. That worked for a few who looked wide eyed at me but the cynical ones did not move……… Ultimately I decided to use my bramhastra….. the ultimate weapon…….. story telling!!! Theodre Tilte and Anabelle woke one and all. Everybody woke up and it was again the same euphoric feeling. I love the eyes of innocence. I just cant have enough of it. The wide-eyed innocent look is so amazing I just cant get enough of it. Ultimately when I was doing Lochinvar they were all awake and were even contributing!!!! Even Rudyard Kipling got to them. Amazing na !!!!I ended yesterday with Owl and the pussy cat and they all left smiling.

My kids actually love poetry after all!!!!

It was so important for me to get them to share my love for poetry that I had to take this extra mile. On bleak days when nothing really works……. Poetry warms the soul. It gives you hope….. the strength for a new beginning. It is inspiring…… it is funny….. it makes you cry……. it makes you awe struck…. it is the language of the heart….. a place where every thing is pure. Poetry is a whole world by itself!!!!

For people who hate poetry………. You dont have any idea what you are missing in life!!!!

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