Just a smile !!!

Have you been in a situation where everything is going all wrong around you and ideally you ought to be howling your way and crying BUT something or someone very minuscule goes right and you cant but smile to glory. I know I shouldn’t be doing it. I am expected to be howling but the thing that touched me to the core is making me smile. I want to hold on to the thought and since smiles are so scarce these days……… I don’t want to let it go!!! Maybe I am selfish but @#!# the world I am going to hold onto my little piece of happiness.

There is this kid in my class. She is not really small, 20 something of age but to me, she is not more than 5. When she came to my class she was really bad and everybody had given up on her. It was a challenge that I took up that day. As a teacher I knew that what was expected of me was a miracle and I know that I could not do it. This kid was totally lost and had no hope specially because everybody had given up on her.

I worked on her………. quite honestly I was at my wit’s end as to how I could achieve it but I did my best. I could not give her everything because it was not possible considering the time I had with her but I gave her hope and confidence and removed all her inhibitions and she knew that I cared and she could come to me for anything. She was amazing…….. simply amazing !!!! She worked a miracle so much that I had the principal come and congratulate me.

I was apprehensive……. did not believe it. But yesterday I had put the class to a test and she came out better than the best. You wont believe it but I had my mouth open and I was glaring at her and then I could not stop clapping and she actually came and hugged me. It wasn’t my achievement at all…….. totally HERS!!! and I am fullto proud of her!!!

Best moment of the YEAR!!! The BEST!!!

These days college is my haven. Earlier it was books and home. These days they seem intimidating to me. There is always some problem there. I dread even thinking of these two. It is amazing how life takes away your basic sense of security. In college between my past students and my current ones I forget the facts and go into a world that is different from travails of reality. I ought to take a page from this kid’s life and make mine better. I really have to work on my self worth!!!

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  1. Reply
    Sucharita Sarkar December 14, 2009

    It was absolutely great the way you were determined to make a difference to this girl. A teacher who knows a lot is good, but a teacher who cares is the best.

  2. Reply
    Ranu December 8, 2009

    Thank you !!! Thank you both of you!!! but i don’t deserve any of the above full accolades goes to my kid!!!!

  3. Reply
    Kavi December 6, 2009

    many congratulations ! People like you make a difference.

    And there ofcourse, is this saying. A teachers influence never stops !

  4. Reply
    nsiyer December 5, 2009

    you took on a challenge Ranu with your never say die attitude and brought the best in your student. CONGRATS!

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