Job or Ego!!!

What is the big deal about a JOB!!! A job is a job. It is a means of procuring money for meeting the basic needs of yourself and the whole of your family. It isn’t some kind of personality altering thing. At least I don’t think so.

With recession doing its round lots of people all round are losing jobs. Some are frustrated because business establishments are suddenly on alert and making their employees work round the clock even though there is no work. They all know that nothing will be achieved by that but taking a cue from the recession, companies are throwing out employees they have wanted to throw out for a long time, whether or not they are doing well. So what is the big deal about telling somebody that you lost your job and asking them for help. After all aren’t we all working day and night for just that.

The reason I am raving and ranting about all of this is because a very good friend of mine just lost his job. After working for 13 years in the same establishment he suddenly found out that he has no job to go to and he never once told me about it until I asked and prodded and then he came out with it.

When somebody loses a job the first thing they do is look for another one and contact the most obvious person in the field. I am a recruiter and have been in this for more than a decade now and he does not tell me about it. In the past any of my friends ever needed a job they approached me and I definitely see that they get placed or at least help to send their resume to the right places but he does not do that. Reason :EGO!!! can you believe that!!!

What the hell is more important job or the bloody ego? I no longer have an idea. When I hear of it, I gather my already shattered nerves and I immediately pull my humble strings and start the process in motion but he does not send me his resume. I am appalled at his audacity. The man has five dependents on him including a baby and he is not bothered. When I put hubs into the picture he tells hubs that he has not taken a break for a very long time and needs a break.

I guess I got my priorities all wrong. I always thought that for a middle class person like me it was important to have a steady flow of income coming every month. Or maybe the Ego is more important than basic needs!!! The point is not that he did not approach me or that he did not send me his resume but the fact that he is so laid back in his attitude towards his responsibilities. All of us already in the corporate structure know that once we float our resume it takes more than two to three months sometimes even more to actually start work and a gap in the career at this juncture can be fatal but again that is my personal opinion. Whatever be the case I again fail to convince my friend that it is vital that he floats his resume……. but my words fall on deaf ears.

Guess unlike what I think “the Job” is not so important after all. Or maybe I am not such a good friend after all because my friend does not think he can approach me for help or maybe he thinks that I cant help him……. Hell that says a lot about me as a person and as a professional or may be I am more depressed than I think I am or my priorities are all mucked up!!!

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    Sucharita Sarkar June 1, 2009

    Please do not feel so bad about your friend. Everybody has a different way of looking at things and this way may also change after a time. Jobs are definitely important, esp if the person has a family to support.

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    Kavi May 30, 2009

    What goes on in a persons mind is more than what goes on in world. Atleast, more than what they show in a 24 hour news channel !

    There is just no way of being sure !

    So, when he or she requires some help, you sure are around. And thats what friends are for. I guess.

    And i guess, if it were me, thats where i would drop anchor, hoot a little about my arrival on the scene, and wait for some signal. While doing other things as well!

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    Smita May 30, 2009

    I wonder why r u blaming yourself??

    Had I been in the place of that frenz am sure u wud have been the 1st whom I wud have contacted I mean WTH wt will I do with the bloody ego if I have nothing in my hand….

    I guess ur fren is acting a bit immaturely and will come around…You shouldn’t blame yourself…

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