I….ME….. MYSELF (contd……)

I hate falling sick….. But the last few months have seen me more on bed than out of it…. I have been too busy falling sick. I am currently allergic to everything……. food, weather, the world, humanity, even life !!! I get all the weird infections I never knew even existed. I always make myself understand that since I have not fallen sick the last four years….. it is now payback time. It is actually amusing to think that we have to pay for everything in life. Life comes full circle.

I hate doctors too!!! Ya i am allergic to them as well!!! I think that they are actually first grade morons. They give you medication for everything and eventually something is finally going to tick. Why dont the morons actually find the root cause and get the whole thing done with instead of creating iatrogenic problems!!! but no they have to do the hafta vasooli!!! Why dont they actually make a fund (i really dont mind contributing) and when we get sick actually treat us for what we actually have rather than everything in general. The most common thing that I get from them these days is that we will admit you in the hospital. They actually say that for everything. Your fever not subsiding, you having something crazy etc etc. “we will observe you!!!” Man I hate getting OBSERVED. I really could do without it. It is actually scary. I have fallen sick manyatimes when I was a kid…… but never admitted. This is totally new to me….. for every dose of fever they actually give you a saline bottle like, when i visited the doctor after every injection they gave you a tofee or a lollipop. I really miss you doctor uncle.(Dr Karnik…. You are the best)

In navimumbai, getting malaria is actually getting baptized to the place. It is an absolutely common phenomenon. When I was was young the local GP gave me some pills and some liquids and I was back to my good old self in no time but now….. even fever asks for blood tests, and all the other path tests. ECG is a very very common thing. What happened to the good old doctors??? Has the education system got so dilapidated that they do not produce good doctors anymore??? maybe I should use the word honest here!!! You cannot blame them though.

Doctors today are competing with the engineers in terms of compensation. Though they put in the same amount of education (maybe even more) they really start earning very late in life whereas an engineer who takes lesser time to complete his education starts earning very early. Morever considering the internship involved after the degree and the years the doctors have to put in is also not at par with the others. After the whole education bandwagon they hardly earn anything whereas their peers in the engineering field, probably not so much better than them in academics, probably even worser than them earn much much more. Moreover taking into consideration the nature of the job involved, makes a person think twice before opting for the vocation. An engineer’s mistake in coding could amount to some loss in earnings of the company which could be paltry but a doctor’s mistake could cost somebody their dear life. No i dont blame the doctors. I really think that the whole education system should be reworked…. I really donno how but i think that it should allow for all the professions to be brought to some justification. We do need good doctors but people rarely go in for the vocation because of the time involved and the earnings. I know of doctors who make rounds from the morning to late at night….. and still they are self employed….. any mistake (occupational error) they are not even insured for the same.

As for me I really want to go back to my nice little cocooned life!!! I miss it so much….. Back to work and back to my old routine….. I honestly cant even fight with rajdeep as I used to….. I lose focus….. that being one of my most favoritest passions!!!….. he actually wins these days!!! I can even imagine him smirking at this thought……. but dont worry bugger every dog has a day….. it is yours now….. I will have the last laugh…. wait and watch!!! I will get well one day (wat was the saying about the mouse having a ball when the cat wasnt around) you win the battles i win the wars thing(I cant seem to remember which one was bigger…. whatever it is…… I win the bigger ones)

I even tried going for a holiday but nahhhh it didnt work either!!! All I wanted was to get back home and then my favorite…. THE DOCTORS!!! I really have to go back to ma’s place even if it for somedays. I need to get well and put the show back on the road. Durga Puja and my reunion this weekend will eventually take me there !!! I am definitely going….. I cant miss Durga Puja with Ma. But then again this year….. another problem…. havent yet got the clothes ready!!! have to get that done as well. I really could do with some respite from these illnesses. If Ma finds out me not having new clothes, I will be draped in sarees. I really cant imagine a worser predicament to my life….. sarees!!!….. yuck!!! I really cant carry off the nine yards cloth. I feel uncovered and most but not the least always in the fear that the whole thing could come off. No dont get me wrong, i do wear the nine yard. But I really could do without it. I dont really wear it unless punished…. I save it for my heritage trips to my inlaws at Kolkata. There I really cant not wear the nine yard. I must be using more than a dozen pins everytime I drape the nine yard.

Durga Puja the word itself brings a smile to my face. There is always excitement happiness and lots more….. Maybe I will dedicate an entire post to that. Right now just the thought of durga puja is something for me to look forward to. It is the only thing that is exciting – ofcourse my reunion this weekend as well. I will be meeting my classmates after such a long time. So many of them for the first time in years. I am really excited at the prospect. Really really looking forward to it. But with my luck and the adorable white coat monsters I donno if I will be able to make it…. I really do want to go!!! I am really praying that i can !!! amen to that !!!

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